Is it possible that a mobile app will help to improve efficiencies in your business? We’ve had a lot of discussions surrounding the pros and cons of mobile apps, such as the advances in cloud capabilities, and user behavior. However, prior to diving in head first and setting your sights on the types of features that you believe would best benefit your company, the first step is to determine whether or not an enterprise mobile app is even right for your business to begin with.

The benefits that a mobile app can deliver to a company are wide reaching, but in order to realize the true impact that a mobile app could have on your business you first need to examine your current day-to-day operations.  Here are three reasons why your business needs a mobile app.

  1. Your staff are always calling into the office, when they are working from the road, in order to retrieve data from their workstation.
    Employees need to leave the office for a number of reasons, meetings, medical appointment, traveling to job sites, but the work day still continues. It is often difficult to make certain that you have all of the information you might require while you are outside of the office. With a mobile app, reaching out to clients or locating contact information or important documents is easy and secure.
  1. Staff often experience difficulty gathering enough data.
    There are times where everyone in the field as wished that they collected just a little bit more data. This could mean things like photographs, or even GPS locations. Enterprise mobile apps present users with the opportunity to combine all of these functions in a single location, and can even integrate with team members in order to share files on the network for real-time collaboration.
  2. Collaboration is hard because data cannot be shared until it has been uploaded on the network.
    In environments that have not yet migrated towards mobile app technology, every file and document resides on internal computer systems, meaning that in order for an employee to access this information (or to share it with coworkers) they need to leave the jobsite and go into the office. This can be a major waste of time and resources – especially when urgency is important. With enterprise mobile apps, however, employees can upload data, in real-time, and share documents and files instantly.