Time Now to Focus on 2017 Planning, Budgeting

During this 4th quarter and before the big holiday rush, now is a great time to include all website-related initiatives in your 2017 budget that aim to help grow your business. It means including website design, web development, website maintenance, and any other web-related services to help you to reach your financial goals and improve the health of your company.

Plan for your website needs

Owners and managers of small- and medium-sized businesses alike know the value of creating a plan and setting it into motion. Website planning is important because it clarifies direction and provides a basis for evaluation and results. Putting it in writing helps to remind everyone what you’re aiming for.

Plan, act, evaluate, repeat

Have you ever played a game of darts, hoping to hit the bulls-eye? Why just set the dart off sailing and only hope to hit the right mark? Why guess? Even worse, why try it blindfolded? Instead, plan where you want to land, how often, what it will take to get there, and get some experienced coaching to improve your form and likelihood that you may succeed… and then go for it.

Afterward, evaluate where you do land to see if your expectations are in-sync with results. If good, repeat it. If not, make adjustments. (And then evaluate continually in today’s changing world).

Website maintenance

With dictionary.com defining “maintenance” as care, upkeep, and the act of maintaining, website maintenance is the way to care for your website on an ongoing basis, one that will promote your goals and keep you current with:

  • Web performance optimization, including page load time
  • Website troubleshooting – fixing concerns with adjustments for smooth website operation
  • Web security/audit – fending off mischief, attacks with security for peace-of-mind

Prepare now for 2017

Seems that each year passes more quickly, do you think? Right now, at the end of October, take advantage of some time to catch your breath and plan for 2017 before the holidays are upon us – so you can actually enjoy the holidays and be ready for January, 2017.

Psst — do you know that oftentimes planning can be more of an initial challenge than actually doing? So just take a deep breath, dive in now, and create a swimmingly good plan so you can enjoy the holidays and then far more easily jump back into the water come 2017. Find an expert who knows all about website planning, web development, and website maintenance to enable you to communicate in valued ways. Prepare and budget now!

Unity of action with web projects that work

Want to attract and retain website visitors with important information in a pleasing, clever way on both desktop and mobile? Let Accunity’s trusted experts show you how to inform, engage, and inspire potential and current customers with web development and branding from our Dallas Web Development company that provides value nationwide. Contact Accunity to learn more.

Next blog: Front-End Web Development That Users See (…come back next week!)

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