SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is an important strategy to help encourage visitors find your offerings “organically,” meaning naturally or without your being subjected to a special charge from your search engine provider to boost your ranking when people make an Internet search.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is big

Some important SEO considerations:

The “what” of SEO

Search Engine Optimization means that those working on and writing for your website will need to identify and use key terminology that a prospective customer is likely to type into a browser when looking for your type of goods or services. On Google, for example, a good goal is to be on page one or two of Google when a prospect is making a search. Why? Likely patience in wading through the many pages that may arise and also the notion that the cream typically rises to the top, so to speak. If you can take a sip of coffee with the tasty foam, why take a sip from the bottom and risk getting some grounds?

Continuing with the coffee example, you may actually find some good java toward the bottom – but who wants to keep sipping and getting full to find out when it’s rather known that the first sips can be a tasty sure thing? It’s somewhat like that with SEO in that the goal is to rise to the top. And the way to do that organically is to deliver the right mix of ingredients to be found.

The “why” of SEO

Why pay extra, and handsomely so, for being found by a prospective customer when there are things that can be done to encourage your being found early on through the search engines? Try out a Google search of something you may want to purchase. Notice the first few entries and the icon beside them that says, “Ad.” That means that those companies paid for the higher placement.

Farther underneath, notice the additional lists of companies – that is where you ideally want to be found, on page one or page two.

The “how” of SEO

Take into consideration important aspects of both building a website that is functional and a website that helps your site visitor to find, read, and discover important information about your offerings, such as:

If it seems complicated, it can be – but not to Accunity, offering a team of experienced and dedicated experts who provide the knowledge and know-how to create your website to attract, and then retain, customers.

Unity of action with web projects that work

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