Web Hosting Choices: Shared, Dedicated, Cloud

Hosting here means more than providing Thanksgiving dinner. The decision is whether to have shared hosting, dedicated hosting, or cloud hosting. How to decide which depends upon your needs and the needs of your customers.

Your website has to be stored somewhere; website providers provide just such a service to ensure that your website remains in a place where users can access it. Having a great, informative, and functional website is important, but it needs to “live” somewhere. It’s somewhat like having a house, and then users knock on your door to find you and what’s inside.

Web hosting requires a web hosting provider or web hosting company to maintain your site such that customers and potential customers picking up a smartphone or logging into a computer can find and access your website. And while it may sound simple enough, it’s quite complex to run these optimized servers. New techniques and changes in industry best practices, including security measures and methods, are always fluctuating.

It’s important to address your needs prior to uncovering an issue, in which case choosing a provider who is not right for you can wreak disaster for your plans.

Types of hosting services

Do you want to know more about shared hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, and managed services? (You need to). How about on-demand deployment, SSL certificates with installation, site backup, and storage solutions? While you personally may not need to know all of the details surrounding web hosting, it is vital that your web hosting provider is very informed – and can help you to determine, and then deliver, what you need and to minimize costs and provide the greatest value.

Now, about that Thanksgiving dinner hosting…

Unity of action with web projects that work

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