Anything can be stored in a web based database. That means you can keep track of whatever you want in your company or organization so any business decisions you make is done based on facts. Let that soak in a moment… A database is one of your key business investments and it can handle whatever tasks you want, including, but not limited to: customer demographics, purchase orders, performance reviews, product catalogs, employee records, job listings, member directories, event calendars, project management, store locators, inventory management or any kind of CRM (customer relationship management). Not all web database development is created equal though. So before the first line of code is typed, make sure any web database applications will grow as your company grows.

For example, let’s say your database management team constructs a CRM to track customer service calls. You decide you want the same kind of system for your support or marketing teams. When you pick the right web database development firm from the start, changes and additions like this won’t involve completely dismantling your current workflows. They’ll integrate seamlessly and contain the specifications you require. Accunity are database experts, so let us use our development skills to help you. Call or email us for more information today.


The MySQL database continues to be the industry standard. One reason is its ease of use. The interface isn’t overly complicated for novices and it still contains the power needed for larger projects. From a php MySQL developer stand-point, many third-party tools can be added to the database. What that means for you is your database is more versatile; it can contain more functions, commands, etc. To discuss a project with Accunity, call or email us today.


Like MySQL above, a MSSQL database is versatile and scalable, but two of its biggest attributes are its security and its compatibility with other Microsoft products. It’s also platform independent, which means it works on just about every operating system (Windows, Linux, etc.). If you have information you want kept in secret (like employee personal info) an MSSQL server database is the way to go. Also, it’s ideal when it comes to business intelligence capabilities – you can manage and forecast business needs since analytical models can be developed to breakdown the business information that’s collected. Accunity is ready to help you with your development needs if you contact us today.


For those who want to move away from the SQL world, Couchbase development does just that – it’s a NoSQL database. As for its functionality, you can stream data for real-time analytics, if Big Data is important to your company. Plus, as any Couchbase developer will tell, access to the database extends to mobile phones, tablets and connected devices with secure authentication and authorization. That makes it a great ‘in-the-field’ type database. So if you’re looking for something to help you stay connected and organized, let Accunity help you.


Like Couchbase, MongoDB is a type of NoSQL database. Its JavaScript-based query DSL makes it a powerful development tool for companies like Intuit, Foursquare, Forbes and eBay. Businesses seeking MongoDB database development often do so because they want their data quickly and they have extremely large amounts of data to distribute across multiple machines. To learn more, talk to a MongoDB developer at Acccunity who can shed light on which option is best for your purposes.

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