Web applications are any software that runs in a web browser and uses the internet or intranet (i.e. your own company’s servers) to send the information. They’re popular because there are many benefits to web based applications. For instance, there’s no complex “roll out” procedure since it only needs a compatible web browser. They require little or no disc space to operate. Plus, when it comes to upgrades, features are implemented on the server and automatically show up on your users’ devices. Since web applications operate within a web browser window, they’re cross-platform compatible. That means they’ll work on your operating system whether it’s Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. You can design something for your use or you can create an app that’s marketed to others.

Regardless of the end user, when it comes to custom web application development, the framework used can be important. Popular web application framework choices include CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Laravel, Yii, Symfony and Zend. While many of them share similar features (like Ajax, MCV, Cache and Validator), a web application developer will decide which framework is best for your particular purposes. Just know that Accunity can develop any custom web based application for you, like an ERP, CRM, Time Management app, Portfolio Management Systems, Custom Ecommerce or CMS solutions. Call us today to discuss your next revolutionary app idea.


This PHP based framework offers a number of scripts and libraries for various functions, which makes any CodeIgniter web based app quite versatile. A developer at Accunity can create just about anything – a help desk for employees, work order generator or customer history record. In short, anything your company might require can be created using this framework since it practically has every capability your developer needs for its construction, like Modules and ORM (object-relational mapping). Plus, since it’s one of the most secure frameworks, using CodeIgniter for e-commerce / shopping carts is quite popular. Learn more today by contacting us at Accunity.


The first-ever PHP MVC framework, CakePHP is still a popular choice for web app developers. One reason is that the functions it offers are still rather plentiful, even today. It includes developer libraries for HTML, Forms, Pagination, Javascript, AJAX, RSS and XML, to name a few. As for what you can do with it, the Cake PHP experts at Accunity can create a multitude of app possibilities – forms to help your customers connect with you, a forum for customers to discuss your products or anything else you need. The point is there are many areas where cake development can help you, and it starts by contacting Accunity today.


This web application framework for PHP, designed for MVC applications, is popular for many reasons. One reason Laravel web development is prevalent is its customization. If you dream it, we can create it using Laravel development. From a developer standpoint, it’s got simplicity and power thanks to capabilities such as ORM and EDP (event driven programming). Plus, you’ll get your finished app much quicker. However, if you do have changes, it takes work to do updates, but it won’t be an enormous undertaking, like starting from scratch. Whether it’s eCommerce inventories, online surveys or enabling other applications and tools to ‘chat’ with YOUR new app, Laravel does it all. Accunity is happy to tell you more if you contact us directly.


Custom Yii development is widespread for many reasons. It ‘plays nice’ with other apps and codes. Temperament aside, Yii website development is secure yet still fast. It also provides a Yii developer with a wealth of features like Modules, ORM and EDP that can be used in the Yii framework. Although it was built with enterprise applications in mind, it really is for any sized project. Plus, since Yii adopts the proven MVC architecture, it allows for clean separation of concerns (SoC), meaning one section of code can be modified without corresponding changes to other sections. Plus, when it comes to Web 2.0 applications, Yii development leads the pack for its high-performance. The app experts at Accunity are ready to talk to you if you contact us today.


Symfony development is often picked for its dependability and rich developer features (PHP5, Modules and ORM). Any Symfony developer will tell you it’s scalable, which means it’s adaptable to meet your demands. It’s also compatible with the latest technologies, so it lowers the risk of glitches. In addition, using this framework automates common tasks, which allows your developer to focus entirely on the specifics of your application. Plus, since custom Symfony apps integrate easily with JavaScript libraries, it’s another reason production time is shortened, which means your project finishes in a timely fashion. To discuss your next web app development project feel free to contact us at Accunity.


Zend developers like this framework because it offers a wealth of components and features, like Sympfony, which include PHP5, Modules and ORM. That saves programming time so you get your apps quicker. Does your company’s web application need to authenticate a user? Do you want control over who can access your resources? It’s secure and well structured, which is why many APIs at leading companies like Google, Amazon, Yahoo and Flickr support Zend frameworks. So whether you want to create forms you can use on multiple pages of a web site or you want to link an RSS feed, you’ve found a Zend development company to help you do all you need quickly and effectively.

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