What’s special about content management system website development? For starters, adding new content requires little effort after the initial set-up. The site is managed by an admin control panel, so a few clicks and you’re done. In terms of what kind of page content you can add, CMS websites are quite versatile. After your initial investment you’ll find it saves you a substantial amount since you can manage your pages yourself. Another bonus that developers and SEO experts point to is how search friendly CMS can be — not for only for search engines, but also for your visitors. With a few keywords, they can find pages or products, relevant to their search.

CMS development has grown tremendously over the last decade. Plus, more industries than ever are using it, like major corporations, government offices and even modest eStores. If you want a site that looks sharp and requires little knowledge of web building on the owner’s part, CMS is a great choice. If you want a powerful site that’s orderly, secure and allows eCommerce, CMS is a great choice. So, regardless of your industry or business size, you really can’t go wrong with using a content management system. Find out more today by contacting us at Accunity.


WordPress development is popular because it’s often easier for clients to use when compared to other kinds of sites. In short, you don’t need to be a developer to make simple changes to your pages after the initial set-up. Plus, since WordPress started as a social CMS, its platform integrates perfectly with Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and other types of social media. Likewise, search engine optimization is simple and adding new content, products, videos, etc. isn’t horribly complicated. Since it is so user-friendly, it’s not shocking that it’s so popular with individuals and businesses alike.


Based on PHP and MySQL, Joomla website development has many followers. That’s because there are literally hundreds of extensions a developer can use. These can include eCommerce plug-ins, visitor forums, image galleries, classified ads, you name it. Whether it’s a corporate web site or a small non-profit, many businesses and organizations love the structure that Joomla CMS provides.


Drupal development is often picked because it’s quite powerful. Pages load rather quickly and even response times are pretty speedy. It makes a great choice for larger companies. However, all sized companies can use it. Another positive attribute of a custom Drupal design is just that – its customization abilities. It’s also super secure – so secure that the White House website is built with it. You’ll find a variety of plug-ins, themes and configurations your Drupal developer can use to create the perfect website for you.

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