Your web interface design is so important it will gain, or lose, customers for your business. If you’re not sure what user interface design means… you’re not alone. Essentially, it’s the experience your visitors have with your website. Sometimes what you intend to convey isn’t what your customer sees. Components that make up a web user interface design include your site’s navigation, page loading speed, page formatting and even your company logo. It can even mean applications like a shopping cart in an ecommerce web design, a contact form or an informative video. When your site functions properly, you have happy visitors who return.

And that’s where Accunity helps you the most. You’ve got a design company that looks at all aspects of your website. Plus, when it comes to constructing the site, you have a front end designer who always keeps the customer’s experience in mind while achieving what you want to do. Find out how to use the web to your advantage. Build better recognition and earn more customers by contacting us today.

User Interface Design

User interface design is one of the integral parts of branding your company. A quality, custom web design anticipates what your visitor will expect to experience and gives it to them… every time… and without fail. That’s the power of superior web interface design. Do you want to build credibility for your business? The first step is to make sure any front end designer you hire understands the importance of aesthetics and functionality.

Web Animations

Attractive animation can captivate your target market. But web animation services are more than just providing a video on your site. It can be motion banners, enhanced page effects using color / images or any number of delightful, eye-catching add-ons. Whether it’s a collapsible navigation in jQuery Animation or a presentation using CSS3 Animation, an experienced website animation designer knows what works best for your needs. They’ll make suggestions and listen to your ideas so they can build the best user experience possible on your website.

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