If necessity is the mother of invention, then it’s easy to say responsive web design was born thanks to the growing mobile world. People needed a single website design that could be viewed from wherever – a desktop monitor, a smartphone or a tablet. With responsive design, the same content looks great on everything from a laptop to a mobile device.

But if we look deeper, we’ll see that mobile website design is more than just “appearances.” Great responsive web design means improved response time, like quick page loading, fast scrolling or dependable event-based features (like what happens after you hit “submit” on a form). Of course, there are outside influences to response time on mobile devices, but proper responsive web design is your best defense against frustrating your users. If you’d like to ensure the best experience possible so your visitors become actual customers, contact Accunity. Let our skills in design keep you ahead of changing website advances. Start by calling or emailing us today.


Smartphone web design is more important than ever since people are using their mobile devices in greater numbers, over more traditional computing options, like desktops and laptops. However, thanks to better web design tools, no longer do mobile users need to sacrifice their web viewing today. They can have superior experiences thanks to social media integration and other brilliant applications. Whether visitors use Android, iOS or Windows Mobile, our responsive smartphone website design gives them the best site browsing possible.


When it comes to tablet website design, android-friendly websites mean nothing to an Apple iPad user, and vice versa. The operating system your visitor uses must perform, be it Android, iOS or the latest version of Microsoft Windows. Any tablet website design needs to work properly across all operating systems. Plus, any tablet website design expert you hire needs to do more than make your website function. It needs to engage the visitor with eye-catching graphics and useful information to keep them coming back.

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