Pay-per-click advertising services, also known as paid search marketing, can help tremendously when your PPC management company handles it professionally. It involves generating real leads, which turn into revenue, while maintaining a reasonable cost. So if you intend to write an ad with some keywords to send people to your home page, you may want to think again. It’s important to realize paid marketing goes above and beyond the basics.

PPC can get you to the highly desired “page one” in major search engine results, and at a competitive rate. Proper PPC campaign management also involves creating landing pages to attract your PPC visitors and turn them into customers. You won’t get ROI if visitors show up, but just walk way. You can create a campaign so customers come to you; not your competitors. If you’ve tried PPC before with limited results, or you’re entirely new to the process, let the pay per click advertising experts at Accunity help you by contacting us today.

Google AdWords Management

Google AdWords campaign management can be complicated if you’re not experienced with Google AdWords services. There’s a bit of science involved in finding the right keywords to capitalize upon for your business. Plus, when it comes to Google search marketing, PPC can often have a wonderful side effect – you can be found in organic searches as well. For that to happen though, you need a Google AdWords Certified Consultant like Accunity.

Bing Adcenter Management

While it’s true Google controls the lion’s share of web searchers, Bing paid search is not to be overlooked. In fact, Bing paid ads can sometimes be more economically feasible for a company. Consider this: the only thing that matters is getting visitors to your site, regardless of the search engine they use to get there. With Bing pay-per-click, you can reach 350 million people, which is still quite impressive.

Paid Social Media Marketing

Whether it’s Facebook paid advertising, Twitter ads marketing or anything in between, social media campaigns have an extended reach – whether you’re known locally or an ocean away. Because social media platforms are so popular, and used by millions of people daily, paid marketing at these locations increase your outreach and enable potential visitors to see your ad, even if they are not specifically searching for it. With Facebook paid marketing or Twitter paid marketing you’ll discover there are a lot of possibilities to promote your business in a friendly way.

Display Network

Once you create a Google AdWords campaign, you can take part in display advertising. Essentially your ad is linked to other websites within the Google Display Network. The location where your ad appears has something in common with your website (like if your sports equipment store your ad might appear on a football blog / site). Display network campaign management unlocks the power of association so you can target people of similar interests to check out your site.


Remarketing campaign management is all about snagging those visitors who already know you. Using the Google Display Network (defined above) or Google Search, remarketing shows your previous visitors ads that are personalized to them based on the sections of your site they visited. It can be even further defined by showing them specific items they’ve already seen. Remarketing campaigns act as a “second chance” to get your visitors to become genuine customers.

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