Most Popular App ‘Sarahah’ Got Dismissed From Google and Apple Stores

Sarahah was a trending viral hit in 2017 and this anonymous messaging app success rose from 5 million users to 95 million according to Wall Street Journal users especial thanks to teens.

Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq created this app in 2016 and named it Sarahah which is an Arabic word means “Frankness” or “Honesty”. This app was especially designed for office work to give employees their feedback and analysis according to their work and performance. But people all around the world started using it in other means and made it more like a TBH app. People were liking it a lot it was like “Sarahah Is the new Facebook”. People were appraising their friends, bashing each other, facilitating bullying and like this many incidents started happening in it and app had an up down ride in the end of 2017 .

Now Sarahah Got dismissed from Google and Apple stores after accusations that it has been facilitating bullying.

Katrina Collins was appalled by the anonymous messages her 13-year-old daughter was receiving. One person said she hoped her daughter would kill herself. Others used extremely foul and offensive language. Collins, who lives in Australia, put up a post on online petition site She called for the app to be removed from two of the biggest mobile storefronts – Apple’s App store and Google’s Play store. The petition accused Sarahah of facilitating “bullying” and “self-harm”, and quickly gained nearly 470,000 supporters.

The app was then dejected from both the Google and Apple stores. CEO of Sarahah question Collins that does Sarahah was made for teen purposes as it was made for office use. He also pointed out that the app is meant for people aged 17 and older. But the question arises “Is Sarahah the first anonymous messaging app to be linked to online bullying?”

How can parents reduce the risk of their child becoming a victim?

As a parent you need to talk to your child and educate them about online predators and other illegal activities that the child could get involved in on the Internet. Parental guidance is necessary when children access the Internet. You can utilize parental control software to monitor Internet activity and block pages that contain sensitive or unauthorized information. Most of the operating systems come with default parental control software or you can also download for free from the operating system’s website.

Also make sure your children don’t sign up on to social networking sites before reaching the recommended age limit.

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