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The experts at Accunity, have established a great record of designing, developing, planning and launching an eCommerce website. With all Technology features many ecommerce platforms to build from, the power of Magento 1 and Magento 2’s applications meet  the market’s most pressing needs. 

Because we understand that all new development projects come with common and unique challenges, we work to ensure alignment of stakeholders by building an understanding of your company’s objectives and drivers. 

Trust your project with experts. Our team comprises of senior level, certified project managers, developers, and strategists. After we work with you to create a detailed project roadmap we  leverage an Agile Development methodology. Our processes were first written by industry best practices and over-time, perfected by our own history of excellence. We set the bar high to ensure a higher standard of reporting, flexibility, and transparency through all phases of ecommerce development cycles. 

Dallas Magento Development Service - Accunity
Dallas Magento Development Service - Accunity


This is a key phase to ensure that the development of the website’s requirement is fully understood by our team of experts. This phase involves understanding the top-level business objectives and technical requirements of the project. 

Dallas Magento Development - Accunity


The design and development of your ecommerce website is always an educational, rewarding experience. Let our experts  lead you toward a mesmerizing website experience that is extremely user friendly. 

Magento Development Dallas - Accunity


This step requires serious, expert technical consideration.Everything that powers your ecommerce site, the behind the scenes stuff, needs to be thoroughly scoped out in advance.. While many ecommerce websites are fairly straightforward, it is important that necessary modules and integrations be analyzed and cleared as acceptable to your overall project requirements.

Magento Development - Accunity


Accunity, works according to a process that ensures a high quality, bug free ecommerce web project.To be successful, our testing phase involves 7 phases: 

  1. Functionality Testing 
  2. Usability Testing 
  3. Performance Testing 
  4. A/B Testing 
  5. Mobile Application Testing
  6. Security Testing 
  7. Database Testing
Magento Development - Accunity


Your Magento ecommerce website is ready for launch on desktop and mobile devices. To gain trust with your customers, we ensure that your site is responsive, secure, and fast. In the launch phase, your database should be fully optimized, the system should be stable, and routine updates should be discussed to  cover any standard or unique maintenance needs..

Magento Development - Accunity


We never fall asleep at the wheel. Once your ecommerce  website is live, Accunity doesn’t leave you hanging. Our global team provides24/7/365 support.  

Our expert team ready
is ready to work with you...

Accunity is a web design and software development agency headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The  experts at API comprise of highly skilled and certified frontend and backend Magento Specialists.

Project Managers: Accunity’s project managers are certified Magento specialists. This team fills a critical role and ensures a smooth transition from one phase to the next,  with frequent, scheduled communication throughout your project. 

Certified Developer Plus: Accunity’s expert Magento developers  deliver the highest quality of code to create a supremely efficient, scalable ecommerce website. This  facilitates your future growth and expansion. 

Certified Developers: Accunity’s senior certified developers are experienced PHP code developers who ensure custom development requirements. 

Quality Control: Trust your project with experts. The team at Accunity includes experienced product testers who ensure that every code release is fully tested and bug free. 

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