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Content Strategy And Copywriting Service Dallas - Accunity

The journey to great content begins with an understanding of the territory to be covered. We begin a content strategy project with a thorough understanding of the current situation. The goal is to understand what content exists (offline as well as online). The content inventory details

  • How much content there is
  • The format of the content
  • Where it is stored and managed
  • Who within the organization is responsible for it
  • How it gets published (workflow)
Content Strategy And Copywriting Service Dallas - Accunity

Once all the content has been located and catalogued, we do a content audit. In this step, we’re looking at the content from a qualitative perspective, assessing how well the content

  • Meets the needs of your business
  • Reflects your brand positively
  • Facilitates user tasks
  • Is current and accurate
  • Is engaging and informative
Dallas Content Strategy And Copywriting Service - Accunity

In the auditing process, we assess the content against these criteria, looking at the current state vs. the desired future state and create a gap analysis. A gap analysis identifies the areas where content is missing or inadequate.

Content Strategy And Copywriting Service Dallas - Accunity

Pulling together all the knowledge gained from the previous activities, we create a content strategy brief that details what is necessary to move your content from current to future state—the content that may need to be created, revised, or removed; the processes that may need to be put into place to ensure ongoing review and continuous improvement; and the implications for overall site structure.

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Copy and content marketing both communicate a brand’s purpose, its core values, and its message to intended audiences. Strategy, on the other hand, is the common thread weaved through content and copy—it dictates usage and determines which solution is appropriate for which situation. It's totally ok to be confused by all these content-related buzzwords, don't worry, you're not alone. There is some overlap between the concepts, deliverables, but Accunity - the Top Content and Copy Writing Agency is here to provide you with all the clarifications and help you need.
Dallas Content Strategy And Copywriting Agency - Accunity


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