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Discovery - Dallas Brand Strategy - Accunity

We’ll begin our brand strategy process by taking a crash course in your business. From its origins through its competitive victories to its current challenges we want to know it all.

Dallas Brand Strategy - Accunity

On our next stop in the brand strategy process, we’ll line up everything we’ve learned about your business and compare you to your competitors. In other words, we’ll assess the landscape.

Media Tactics - Dallas Brand Strategy - Accunity

You think you need to be on TV. Your logo is really colorful and you have a killer original brand mascot. But, your business tends to only interest a very specialized target market. You see the problem? Not every medium is appropriate for every product, service or company. During this step in the brand strategy process, we take what we want to say (your Vibrant Brand Personality) and determine how and where it’ll best reach your audience.

Launch and Review - Dallas Brand Strategy - Accunity

It’s finally here–the step in the brand strategy process where we unleash the creatives! The million-dollar question after all the caffeinated creatives execute their best work, no matter the budget: is if its working? Even in the age of social media and viral marketing, brands don’t “happen” overnight. Likewise for booming sales. Once we launch, our road trip isn’t over. We keep a close eye on all the marketing activity and gauge what’s taking hold, what’s not and where we can enhance.

Integrated Strategies With Skilled Craftsmanship

We focus on building ecosystems centered around technology and consumer engagement. Turning stories into conversations, impressions into relationships and campaigns into results. Using technology to our advantage, Accunity - Brand Strategy Agency build intelligent brand experiences for our clients.
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