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In about everything, it’s important to get a solid start right from the beginning. Just think about the Olympics – A false start at most events could leave a competitor out in the cold. Want to land on the podium for all to see, or do you want to be among the crowd? It takes a solid foundation, and then years of dedicated studying, training, practice, and performance to bring home the gold.

All these tech acronyms!

If unfamiliar with the headline acronyms, here’s some help:

  • UI: User Interface – How you navigate around a website to find what you need. Does the website work correctly and easily? How many steps does it take for you to find what you need?
  • UX: User Experience – Are you happy with the website? What do you think about what you’re seeing on the website? Does it this website experience make sense to you? (More qualitative stuff).

So, while some terminology may send you scurrying to Google, we’ve made it easier to understand the importance. You may not need to know the difference between a gymnastics “back-in,” “full-out,” “composition,” or “structure,” but your web development team sure better know about the website composition and structure. In either venue, it’s what happens behind the scenes that makes the visible so appealing.

Ready to stick the landing?

If you’re feeling stuck with a poorly designed website or web functionality that frustrates, it’s time to explore your options. Begin with web development and a process that will meet your needs and, importantly, the needs of a website user (potential customer) searching around on the Internet. We assume that you want to be the chosen company, right? Typically, in today’s world, people can become frustrated quickly if a website doesn’t deliver to their expectations. Why not make landing on your website a solid, pleasant experience?

So, what should you consider? Let’s start with some basics:

  • Your site itself needs to be easily found.
  • The information on your site should be easy to locate.
  • Your website navigation should make sense and provide information of value.
  • Words matter. Can users find what they’re looking for? Does it make sense?
  • Are topics applicable, easy enough to understand, and of interest?
  • Does your site offer what a prospective customer is searching to find?

Solid website development begins with a great plan. (That also means asking good questions that will get to the core of your needs – of your customers’ needs). You may have in mind what you want, or at least know what you don’t want. Your web development company needs to have experience and knowledge in what questions to ask you and how to put together the most useful site to fit your budget. They should ask questions that will uncover your true needs – and meet them. Some of the nitty-gritty necessary functions may include:

  • Website page design
  • Website content creation
  • Web software development (coding and all that good stuff)
  • Content management system (CMS) development
  • Server management and performance
  • Security
  • Maintenance

So, instead of feeling stuck with an inefficient or confusing website, instead help your prospective customers to stick their Internet landing on your website, with your products, and with your people. Accunity will see to it that the landing is smooth!

Make web development work for you

Want your website to easily display important information in a pleasing or clever way? Need more information? Read more from Accunity clients who trust our web work and see some of Accunity’s web development work. And then let Accunity’s trusted experts show you the process. Contact Accunity to learn more about how we can serve your specific website needs. Want to go faster? Complete some simple questions to get started on an estimate from Accunity.

Next blog: branding – what it is, why it’s so important, and why you need it. (So come back next week!)

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