8 Ways to Improve Your Call To Action Buttons



Call-to-action (CTA) buttons are paramount to the success of any landing page. Developing CTA buttons is science. You generally have to experiment with different types of CTAs until you can formulate an ideal one for your web page.

Fortunately, there are several CTA formats that work universally for both B2C and B2B audiences. With that said, here are eight ways you can improve the CTA buttons on your website.

1. Make Them Buttons

The fundamental first step of creating a CTA button is to make it a button and only a button. A CTA button is not:

  • Text
  • Hyperlinks
  • GIFs
  • Memes
  • Blackholes

Again, CTA buttons are indeed buttons. They are not glowing opportunities for you to unleash your new-found creativity. Instead, CTA buttons should generally look something like this:


2. Create Captivating Copy

Granted, the styles, fonts, and colors of a CTA button draw attention, but it’s the copy that converts a potential customer. CTA copy needs to be straightforward and succinct. It should ideally tell a reader what they will do once they click on the button.business_plan

Web visitors viewing that button wouldn’t have any doubt about where they would go after clicking the button. Use this same tactic when composing CTAs on your website.

3. Put Them in a Logical Place

The basic idea of CTAs is to place them in a logical place where they will be in the direct path of a potential customer. If you ever want to take an example of how not to arrange a CTA button, look at Apple’s landing page. 

Apple is one of the most well-known and successful brands in the world, yet this landing page doesn’t do them any justice. 


After looking at this landing page, would you know where to go afterward? There is too much whitespace that shifts the focus from the actual CTAs at the bottom. Instead, here is how a CTA button is supposed to look:


4. Use Contrasting Colors

If you want to draw attention to your CTA buttons, using contrasting colors is key. Take a look at how this email uses a bright yellow CTA button to promote a product. 


Everyone is familiar with the power of bright colors as an attention-grabber. That’s why traffic cones and stop signs are composed of bright colors to get your attention to hazardous conditions.

Make sure to experiment with different bright colors to see what works for your landing page

5. Add CTA Buttons As You Scroll

Effective CTA buttons should be visible while a user is scrolling through a page. This allows them to see the desired action while they are receiving information about your product or service. 

This company does a great job of creating a scrollable CTA:


Whenever the web visitor is ready to convert, they will be able to really convert with a visible CTA following them across the page.

6. Don’t Make Your CTA Compete With Other Elements

CTA buttons drive conversions and sales. Great CTA buttons will always make an impact on your web page. However, they shouldn’t be forced to compete with other elements on your website. 

There is clearly a navigation bar and a portal where web visitors and log in. However, the CTA button takes a center stage on this page. That’s evidenced by the large “Go Premium” button in the middle. 

Make your CTA buttons conspicuous but not intrusive to the other elements on your page. Every element on your page should work together in harmony. 

7. Use First Person

Audiences love it when companies speak directly to their needs. Personalization always leads to more conversions. Therefore, try to use the first person in the text copy for each CTA like so:


8. Be Very Specific

The last tip to abide by is being very specific within the text copy of your CTAs. What exactly do you want your audience to view when they click on the button. This website made it very clear that they want their viewers to check out the 104 number of deals they have available.


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