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Website development in Dallas to complement your Internet business plan. 

Looking for a Dallas web development and web design company to delight you, the business owner or manager, with a technologically savvy and responsive website that aligns with your business strategy? You undoubtedly need to plan for your business itself, execute the plan, evaluate along the way, and perhaps adjust to fit increasing and/or changing needs. You’ve found Accunity, your Dallas web design company that will address your communication needs, desires, and budget to the delight of customers and those searching for your offerings. We aim for that “aha moment” in which a potential customer will readily find your company, be interested, and purchase from you.

Website development, also called web development, as provided by Accunity fits what your customers and prospective customers are searching for on the Internet by accurately and expertly showcasing your offerings in ways that attract site visitors. Visitors who purchase and remain customers.

Accunity provides expert website design for Dallas – with the type of trust, communication, and results you expect. Offerings include eight main pathways to Internet success. Accunity provides proven knowledge in each area, offering you comprehensive, expert solutions from just one single all-in-one provider. (That will save a bunch of time). Using your directives, Accunity will act as a brand development agency in promoting your offerings digitally. We’ll develop a web design and web development plan, even social media, pay-per-click (PPC) management, web hosting, and other marketing services if you choose.

Professional. Internet-savvy. Experienced. 

Visitors, customers, and potential customers will definitely notice your website appearance and messages – good or bad. So do you want to make a mediocre first impression, or do you want to attract with a professional appearance? Accunity first works behind the scenes to provide an outstanding framework right at the start. Know that a proper foundation is key. We then build from there to provide targeted messages specifically written for your company. Call it visual “curb appeal” in attracting visitors who may otherwise drive by to instead be interested enough to hit the brakes, stop searching, notice more about your company, and then hopefully purchase.

Make the move to Accunity – Of course, once Accunity provides the website design that informs, engages, and inspires unity of action, it will be up to you to provide the actual offerings!

Web development is key for a memorable website

The value that Accunity adds will attract and entice your site visitors to notice your company, read your offerings, and overall have a positive and engaging web experience when visiting your site. The overall goal is to help bring in new customers and retain current customers such that your business thrives.

Web development is at the core of everything built on your site, including:

  • Page design
  • Content creation
  • Web software development (client/server-side coding)
  • CMS development
  • Server management
  • Security measures

Each site is unique, yet with one commonality – an expert web development plan from start to finish. Accunity is your trusted resource for all aspects important to your website presence: website design, web development, web software, website landing page design, website maintenance, web security – all needed web elements.

Confused a tad? We can walk you through the web development process and explain what you want (and need) to know.

Feeling stuck with your current website? Do know that Accunity can make helpful advancements with a current, outdated site to bring it into better focus and save your budget, if truly desired. (But do be aware that a new website will likely best meet your long-term objectives. We’ll take a look and provide options. Could be that you will be best served with the basics of a new site that can accommodate budgeted additions in time).

Accunity’s Web Design and Development

Let’s start with a simple example. Say you want to move to Dallas and need a home. Rather than choosing an outdated place and renovating in piecemeal, time-consuming, and overall costly ways to try to update a poor initial building plan, you choose an affordable and flexible house plan and build anew. You tell the builder how many rooms you can afford (with addition ideas in the back of your mind), have it built, furnish each room, and then invite your friends to come over for a meal. (We’ll not ask right now how good of a cook you are. But come to think of it, your offerings should provide interesting value).

Here, we build to suit your needs and budget with a great place to settle in. Typical web development initiatives include stylish, static basic sites or contemporary WordPress sites. We offer:

Accunity will provide:

  • A project manager to oversee your entire project. (Your go-to person to work with and the liaison between Accunity and you).
  • Front-end developers to translate the site’s visual design into code that structures the site in ways that a computer can read. They work with HTML, CSS, and Javascript for site structure, visual styles, and layout.
  • Back-end developers to focus on more advanced programming to accomplish what is desired, such as determining how a site should work and functionality such as forms to collect a site visitor’s basic information (email, phone, etc.) or shopping carts.
  • Content development to communicate with words in ways that attract customers.
  • Really, all items needed for your great website.

You have options. Do consider the look, functionality, content, and daily desired performance of your website. What are your needs for custom website solutions that will align with your products and business goals? Accunity will explain all you’d like to know in terms that make sense to you – simple straight-forward or technical. We speak your language!

Want more information here? Read more from Accunity clients who trust our web work and see some of Accunity’s web development work. And then let Accunity’s trusted experts show you the process. Contact Accunity to learn more about how we can serve your specific website needs. Want to go faster? Complete some simple questions to get started on an estimate from Accunity.

Next blog: website design  – how it differs from website development and why it is also critical. (So come back next week!)

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