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Expert Tips For WordPress vs. Wix


Wix vs. WordPress: which is better for you? If you need a small business website, you’re likely asking yourself this question. Both Wix and WordPress are used by millions and millions of businesses, but they’re very different options. Which is better? We’ll explain the differences between the content management system WordPress and the website builder Wix and let you decide for yourself.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a huge content management system that has several third-party themes, designs, and plugins that enable you – or a web designer, if you don’t know how to create a website – develop a unique small business website for your company.

Today, WordPress is the most commonly-used solution that web developers use to create a website. Why is it so popular? WordPress has a seemingly endless number of third-party developers that create themes, designs, and plugins that make your site special and compelling. Many web designers exclusively create web design with WordPress, and there’s a steady stream of businesses wanting to hire them to do just that because of WordPress’s advanced functionality, including its ability to allow you to create a blog that you simply type into as if you were typing into a Word file or a Google doc, as well as incorporate several eCommerce platforms.

Most companies that choose WordPress for their small business website don’t have an internal resource who knows web design. Therefore, they hire agencies like ours who have web developers on staff to create their WordPress websites for them.

What is Wix?

If you want a DIY website, Wix may be a good solution for you. For as little as $18 a month, you can have a website that you create with this website builder that has many templates (though far less than WordPress) and drag and drop functionality. While you need to know the basic functionality of working with an application like Word or PowerPoint, you don’t need to know web design or web development to create a small business website with Wix. 

Wix has grown in recent years to include several new features for small business websites that allow you to have a professional online presence. This includes an eCommerce component for selling online and the ability to create a blog.

The fact that you can create a DIY website with Wix is enticing to some small businesses, especially those with limited seed money who don’t have the financial resources to hire a web design agency like ours to create a WordPress website for them.

Wix vs. WordPress: Which is Better?

The answer to which is better for your small business website is likely going to depend on three key factors: technical skill, time, and budget.

Like we mentioned, you don’t need to know web design to create a DIY website with Wix. But you do need to be tech-savvy and have some design sense to use its basic functionality and create an aesthetically-appealing website.

Time is also an important factor. As a small business owner, you’re already stretched thin. This is especially true if you’re in the process of launching your business, and have startup tasks to complete. While it doesn’t take a long time to create a website with Wix, it does take some time, and you may not have any to spare.

Finally, there’s the budget. Some small businesses turn to Wix because they don’t have the budget for a web designer. Other companies do have the funds, and they hire our web design agency to build them a WordPress site that is more customizable and unique given its almost endless third-party themes, plugins, and more.

If You Choose to Go with a WordPress Site, We Can Help

If you decide you want to create a WordPress site, we can help. Our web design agency has both web developers and content writers so we take care of your web design project from end to end. To reach us to start a conversation and learn about our agency, call us today at (972)464-2797.

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