WordPress Plugins That Will Improve Your Conversion Rates

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WordPress, a name that accounts for 30% of the internet infrastructure nowadays, is one piece of software that can be modified to your every whim. With well over 50,000 innovative WordPress plugins scattered across the web, the abundance of choice can be overwhelming.

Conversion Rate Consideration

To kick you while you’re down, choosing the wrong WordPress plugins can render your website’s growth as slow as Stephen Hawking’s 0.1 voice generator. However, the good news is that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of must-have WordPress plugins out there. So take your social media and SEO presence to the top of the table, exponentially improving your conversion rate, driving repeat visits, and earning smiling faces from happy customers with these handy helpers.

As always, Accunity has been hard at work to compile some of the best WordPress plugins available in 2019.


There is nothing that reeks ‘amateur’ more than a website without a contact form. Time is tight enough without the added inconvenience of hide-and-seek torments whimsically programmed into negligent website designs. WPForms is the essence of user-friendliness, wrapped up in a contact form that even the most inexperienced website creators can whizz through while half asleep after a long day.

Yoast SEO

Although WordPress promises SEO straight out of the box, using a few best practices will increase traffic to your website, and those all-important conversion rates. Yoast is packed full of tools and features that cooperate with your strategies to deliver comprehensive solutions for improving your SEO.


Even Pacman couldn’t devour a skeptical customer with the same gluttonous perseverance exhibited by OptinMonster. This absolute beast of a WordPress plugin will convert abandoned carts into overloaded delivery trucks before you can say “pedal to the metal.” Top of the range display targeting features give you the ability to personalize your campaigns for each and every visitor to your website. This means you can drop in the perfect, personally relevant, artfully crafted message at just the right time. A wonderful pet to have if you’re still in your startup kennel.


No WordPress website should be without this paratrooper of a plugin. Ranking among the most highly recommended of security plugins, Sucuri will protect your site from malware threats and XXS attacks with the dedication of a guerilla battalion. At the moment, this is one of the best web application firewalls that money can buy!

Take The Stress Out of WordPress

Keyboard warriors synonymous with 2019. Regardless of the WordPress plugins, you choose to enhance your site with, they will all have gone through a tunnel of negative critique. Simply read between the lines and use your best judgment before installing anything and, preferably, scout your plugins via the official site.

Listed above is just a brief glance into some of the most unique and innovative plugins for WordPress, but a quick search will open your eyes to a plethora of possibilities. Plugins can do a lot for you when it comes to conversion, however it is important that your web design is fully optimized as well. This means that you should expect to change things up in a planned, intentional way whether it be a full website redesign or simple tweaks here and there. There are a lot of things to consider and when you lack the primary data necessary to make the right optimizations, all you can do is use the information at hand and your best judgement…. but don’t worry, you’re not alone. Just remember that our experts here at Accunity are always on hand to guide you and help you to make the best decisions.

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