Who Do You Need to Hire to Build a Mobile App?

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Do you have an app idea, and are wondering who builds mobile apps? If so, you’ve come to the right place. As an app development agency that works on mobile app development every day, we’re here to explain to you who you need on your mobile app development team.

You Need a Project Manager to Spearhead Your Mobile App Development

While mobile app designers and developers are doing their thing to bring your app to life, you need a dedicated, go-to person that you can contact at any point in time, who will know exactly where the project stands. That person is a Project Manager. He or she will become your mobile app development best friend, and most likely, your main contact person.

Do you want weekly updates on where the status of your mobile app development stands? Your Project Manager will be delivering that information to you. Do you have a last-minute idea you want to add to the app? Your Project Manager will be the person who will tell you how adding that feature will affect your mobile app development schedule. 

And internally at your mobile app development agency, your Project Manager is the one who lives and breathes your app and knows exactly what you want. He or she is the internal point person for all mobile app designers and developers to come to if they have any questions at all so that they can receive answers that match your vision for your app.

You Need Developers to Write Your App’s Code

Your team’s developers will be doing all the under the hood work on your app. They’ll be writing the code for your app, making sure that it includes the features you want and provides the user experience you want to deliver to the market.

You Need Mobile App Designers to Create Graphics

App aesthetics are everything. An app that looks modern and aesthetically appealing is much more likely to be adopted than one that looks old and clunky. Therefore, your mobile app designers, who will be the ones creating the graphics for your app, are an extremely important part of your mobile app development team.

You Need a Quality Assurance (QA), Team

Nobody likes buggy apps. That’s why it’s so important that you have a QA team as part of your mobile app development team. 

A true QA team does more than just go through the motions to see if the app works as expected. They set up testing scenarios, based on expected app usage, to make sure that each of those anticipated processes works as expected. If bugs are found, they log them, and your developers fix them before your app is turned over to you.

We Provide All These Key Members of a Mobile App Development Team

At our mobile app agency, we have project managers, developers, mobile app designers, and a QA team ready to help you bring your app to life. We’re a complete, end-to-end team for mobile app development.

To reach us to discuss your app idea and get a quote on mobile app development, call us today at 972-464-2797 or fill out our online contact form.

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