What NOT to Forget When Calculating the Cost of a Mobile App

Expert Tips To Calculating the Cost of a Mobile App


Whether you want to build an iOS app or an Android app there are probably a few things that you think of when trying to determine the cost of mobile app development. The project scope, for example, is likely one of the key things at the front of your mind, as is your deadline to have a downloadable app ready for the market.

But there are other external factors you need to consider when estimating the cost of mobile app development. We’ll discuss five of these factors in this blog post.

  • What is the Market Price for an App in your Region?

People are developing Android apps and iOS apps all across the world. It’s amazing how these two platforms are bringing people together. As you may imagine, where you’re located is going to impact the market rate for an app to be developed in your region.

For example, the cost of having an app developed in the US is going to be vastly different than having one developed if you’re located in Thailand or South Africa.

  • What is the Company Size of Your App Developer?

When it comes to calculating the cost of mobile app development, the size of the contractor that you hire is going to come into play. A lean and nimble team will have fewer people on salary, and less overhead, and might be less expensive to hire. A larger team with project managers, program managers, account managers, and such will likely be more expensive. 

But don’t let the cost of mobile app development be the only deciding factor you consider when choosing a contractor to work with. The most important thing you can do is choose a contractor who you trust, who you feel understands your vision, and who you feel like you can establish a good working relationship with.

  • Where is Your Contactor Located?

If you think you need a Silicon Valley team to develop your iOS app or Android app for you, be prepared to pay Silicon Valley prices for it. The good news, though, is that there are mobile app developers just as skilled as the ones you’ll find in Menlo Park and Cupertino located all throughout the US. 

In fact, choosing a developer outside of the west coast can help you shave several thousand dollars off your cost of mobile app development, just by escaping those higher costs of living areas.

  • Will You Be Using Emerging Technologies?

If you’re using the latest technologies to develop your iOS app or Android app, they’ll come with a flashy price tag. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use emerging technologies, it just means you need to budget for them if using them is a priority for you.

  • What is the Talent Availability in Your Market?

Not all app developers are created equal. Many app developers specialize in creating different app types, such as games, productivity tools, customer loyalty apps, etc. You’ll have to look for app developers in your specific app niche to bring your app idea to life, and certain niches apps may cost more to develop.

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