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Are you wondering what a content management system, which is usually referred to as a CMS, is, and what it means to your business website? If so, keep reading. As a web design agency, we’re experts in building business websites that include content management systems to make it easier for our clients to make on-the-fly changes to their websites as well as update them with new promos, product images, and more.

A CMS Lets Business Website Owners Make Website Changes Themselves

A content management system is the part of a website that lets you – the business owner – make changes to your website without requiring your web design agency to make these updates for you. WordPress is a CMS, which is one of the reasons so many companies choose WordPress to create their business websites. And as WordPress developers, we know a lot about using WordPress’s content management system.

Basically, since WordPress is a CMS, making your desired changes to your business website is very simple. While your WordPress developer handles all your web design work, such as installing WordPress themes, plugins, and designs, creating a custom WordPress design, making sure your business website is easy to use and ensuring your business website looks great on mobile devices, the WordPress CMS lets you make content changes on the fly without needing to know HTML coding.

To make changes with WordPress’s content management system, you simply log into your business website. From there, you’ll be redirected to the WordPress CMS, which will look a lot like a Microsoft Word file. Because WordPress is a CMS, from this page you can:

  • Add, delete, or update business website copy, including making style changes such as change text font, boldness, and size.
  • Delete media like images and video.
  • Upload new media like images and video.
  • Save your changes so that all your new business website visitors see the updates you’ve made in the content management system.

As you can see, you can make several necessary business website changes using a CMS without ever needing to call your WordPress developer for help.

Why are Content Management Systems Important?

As WordPress developers, we think having a CMS for your business is a must. That’s one of the reasons we love that WordPress is a CMS.

You see, when you engage us for simple changes, we need to fit you into our schedule and charge you. While we’re always happy to help our clients, we know that adding a paragraph and image about a new promo you have going on for an upcoming holiday weekend, for example, isn’t something you necessarily have time to wait for – or the budget to pay for.

Because WordPress is a CMS, you have a better experience with your business website. You can make changes on the fly whenever you decide to, and don’t have to wait to fit into our schedule, or pay us to make minor changes you can easily do in just a few minutes using the WordPress content management system.

Get Help With Bigger Changes to Your WordPress Website

Of course, we know that WordPress’s CMS isn’t going to allow you to make all the changes you need. As your business expands, you may need to add new webpages to your business website or change the usability of your website to make it easier to navigate. As WordPress developers, that’s what we’re here for. If you need us for major WordPress business website changes, let’s chat! Simply give us a call today at 972-464-2797.

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