What Goes Into Website Maintenance?

Expert Tips For What Goes Into Website Maintenance?


As a Dallas web maintenance services agency, we always recommend that businesses choose a web developer who will also provide website maintenance. While web developers like us work hard to make your website as perfect as possible, you will encounter issues, need to change your site security settings as new threats emerge, need bug fixes, and need to install updates like plugin updates and wordpress theme updates. Here is a discussion of the main things that we do as a Dallas web maintenance services agency.

Website Maintenance is Needed to Troubleshoot Issues

Trust us, website issues happen. Your website might go down, you may need bug fixes, or your customers may report a broken link or image that needs to be fixed. All websites have issues that need to be troubleshooted. When you have a website maintenance plan with us, though, we take care of all these concerns for you.

Websites Need Maintenance to Keep Them Safe from Cybercrime

The world of cybersecurity is ever-changing. Cybercriminals are getting smarter and more cunning, and new threats are emerging every week. The security settings your web developer uses when he or she first creates your website won’t be sufficient a year later. For this reason, website maintenance is needed to maintain site security.

Your Website Needs Maintenance to Update Its Plugins and Other Integrations

At our agency, many of the websites we create are powered by WordPress. And there are constantly new WordPress theme updates and plugin updates available. While you don’t need to update each and every one (unless you’re experiencing a bug or the update addresses a security issue) your web developers should periodically run WordPress theme updates and plugin updates. Having a maintenance plan for your website builds in these expenses and often also sets a calendar for when these important updates will occur (and how often).

A Website Maintenance Plan Allows You to Make Changes to Your Website

As your business grows and scales, your website needs will too. Perhaps you’ll launch new products, and need our Dallas web maintenance services to create new pages for them. Maybe you want to start pay per click advertising and you need landing pages for your campaigns. Or perhaps you just want to freshen up your website and give it a new look and feel. Whatever changes you desire, having a website maintenance plan means you have a web developer available to make those changes for you when you need them.

Having Website Maintenance Helps You Keep Up to Date with the Always Changing Best Practices for SEO

The website features that Google factors into its search algorithm are always changing, but we know two things that are important – that your website displays properly on desktops and a variety of mobile devices, and that your website loads quickly. By having your website periodically maintenanced by us, we’re able to make sure that your site is following current trends and best practices that help boost site rankings.

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