Many small business owners don’t realize it, but a key to growing your small business is in your website design. If your business website has not been updated in a couple years, a website redesign may unlock a lot of new revenue for your business. So, it’s important to discover how to unlock the features of your website design that will help you to be found when it matters most.

Find a website design that works well

You likely know what is said about first impressions, right? Well, first impressions can really matter when it comes to websites, which is why having a pleasing, creative, and functional website design is vital. It’s vital for a user to find your company, to be pleased with your offerings, and to easily navigate around your website to find what is desired. If not all there, guess what? It could be found on the next search very easily, at the touch of a button, and not with you. (That’s not good!)

Your website design could actually be viewed as “being your company.” If a first impression is a website and not a person, what message is being conveyed? How does yours look? How do you want your website to look?

Basic elements of web design

Your website development company needs (as in, needs and not hopes to have at some point) expertise and experience to comprise:

  • Web interface design
  • Front-end development
  • Responsive web design

Each element is rather complex, but all should not be complex for an experienced and savvy website development company. You do what you do best, and it is the job of your website development company to create a website that is right for you. Oh, and one more thing…

The Working Relationship

Your website development company needs to have expertise and experience. But beyond that, you should be comfortable with the working relationships of those with whom you work. Is your website developer (as a person) responsive? Knowledgeable? Creative? Understanding? Clear? Accessible? While we’re talking about a technical product, it’s really the humans who will make it happen. The working relationship needs to be comfortable.

Small Business Tips

This is Black Friday. Yes, the day after is Small Business Saturday. Being a small business can be very important – and so can grow your small business.

Unity of action with web projects that work

Want to attract and retain website visitors with important information in a pleasing, clever way on both desktop and mobile? Let Accunity’s trusted experts show you how to inform, engage, and inspire potential and current customers with web development, branding, and web hosting. Contact Accunity to learn more.