Why is including a blog on your website important for connections and growth? Discover 8 valued reasons to help grow your business from an experienced web design and development company in Dallas.

A website blog is important for your business to:

  1. Be found (by customers, potential customers, web crawlers)
  2. Drive, interest, and convert traffic into customers
  3. Impart usage ideas, educate, and inspire customer loyalty
  4. Improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and ROI
  5. Support your brand identification and “voice”
  6. Supplement your website with additional information
  7. Stay top-of-mind with great ideas for customers
  8. Improve value. Grow. Thrive. According to HubSpot, 60% of businesses who blog gain more customers!

How Well Do You Drive?

No, not a car. We’re talking about website traffic here, about people finding you. And with lanes that can get rather crowded, the goal is to differentiate and find your spot on an open road. Most would rather speed up to see a pleasing, functional website and read about something interesting – something educational, and of value regarding the website, blog, or both.

Are you learning something? Did what you read at least refresh your memory, inspire, and remind you to do act? Your website should attract visitors to your offerings. And your blog should attract customers and potential customers to your offerings, what you do, how you work and help to convert and establish long-term relationships. It’s the “voice” of your website.

What you say, and how you say it, matters

How to get that “aha” moment – your website writing may be in part for the web crawlers. But you’re also writing for real people who find you and actually read what you have to say. (You, for instance). So what you write should be interesting, provide value, and get to the point quickly enough for all of us busy people. Technology requires study, expertise, and experience. Blog writing does, too.

Everyone has only so much time in each day to work, discover, learn… and have some fun. May as well make what you write interesting and of value. (And inspire real people to read what you write). So, to make the most of your company’s offerings chose a website design and development company with people who know, use, and advise on just the right technology to accomplish your needs within your budget.

Chose a company with people who know how to attract with engaging website design, functionality, and experienced writing who use just the right mix of images and copy that attracts inspires, helps to convert prospects into customers, and delights enough to keep people coming back for more.

Have you discovered just those experts who can help lead in your journey?

Unity of action with web projects that work

Want to attract and retain website visitors with important information in a pleasing, clever way on both desktop and mobile? Let Accunity’s trusted experts show you how to inform, engage, and inspire potential and current customers with web development and branding from our Dallas Web Development company that provides value nationwide. Contact Accunity to learn more.

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