Web Design Trends That Matter in 2019

Expert Tips for website design


With web design trends changing all the time, creating a new website in 2019 is exciting. If you wish to stand out, it means keeping track of the latest technologies and keeping up with the latest looks and techniques. If you want fresh designs for your website and you’re eager to discover the latest looks, check out this year’s best web design trends.

Curated Illustrations

Illustrations are essential to any new web design, and almost every website has some. If it’s a good one, it can communicate a great deal of information to your audience about your brand. Creating beautifully and appropriately designed illustrations can convey your uniqueness,  authenticity, and make abstract concepts easier to understand. When depicting people in your illustrations, you can reduce gender, race, and age bias, and portray strong emotions. 

The hottest illustration web design trends this year are flat and funky characters, use a retro color palette in ultraviolet, pink, orange, and yellow, 3-D effect shading, combining warm shades and cool colors, glitch effect, metallic textures, not so flat design and fluidity.


Typography is the fundamental element of the website design. Previously, web designers were limited to basic typography options, but today there is an assortment of fonts, styles, and effects. The trend is to go bold, with massive lettering, more adventurous and vintage type, or applying deformation and effects that make the words themselves the central element around which the rest of the design flows.


In 2019, full-screen videos are bolder, more product-focused, and hook the viewer in the first few seconds. It is best not to require sound, have it show sequencing, and find the right balance between written copy and images.

Mixing 2D and 3D 

Virtual reality, 3D printing, and augmented reality have had a big influence on the use of 3D animation in web design. The trend is to set 3D elements above 2D ones. 

Flashy Color Scheme

Color is bold, opinionated, and used as a principal design element. We’re seeing strong pastels combined with saturated colors and multiple primary colors combined with secondary colors. In 2019, heavy use of plain bold colors combined with illustration, typography, and photography are prevalent.

Fun Use of Animation

If you want to make an impact and engage your users, animation is the way to do it. Try one of these trends:

CSS Animation

The use of CSS animation is showing up everywhere. CSS animation, when used sparingly, can give a smooth movement to tumbling letters, bubbles, animated writing, a scrolling mouse, colorful transitions, chasing circles, and a moving background.

Fun Micro-Interactions

Micro-interactions are all about user engagement. Typically, micro-interactions have been used on clickable elements of the website design. This year they have added delightful extra touches that can make a website feel like it’s alive. If done right,  it can keep users entertained, engaged, make navigation clearer, and make users part of a playful mini-game.

Animated Secondary Elements

Using animated secondary elements makes more complex animations come to life–making elements imitate gooey effects, flowing liquid, or organically morph. These types of animations are often part of micro-interactions and typography animations.

Custom Cursor

The tiny blinking cursor is a thing of the past; increasingly sites are making the cursor reactive, so it changes shape, color, size, or animation in response to the elements on your website design. Designers are adding secondary pointers that follow the cursor around, organically sweeping across the screen.

Words Matter

Web design is about telling stories and spinning narratives. If you take away everything else from the design, what it leaves are the words and in 2019, words matter. How you communicate with your audience is crucial. Voice, tone, and humor give your brand a human quality–making it like a conversation with a friend. 

This is essential even with microcopies. They also should feature a tone that is carefully crafted to keep with your style and design, consistently enhancing your brand.

Spending more time on your web design can give it a touch of personality and flair. If done right, it can be a great way to engage your users. Choose the trends that best fit your brand and make your web design more impactful. If you are ready to set trends, contact us at Accunity and let us help you add value to your brand.

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