The goal of website design is to create a visually pleasing, yet expertly functional, website for users to find you. (Find, and then hopefully engage/purchase). While your website should be simple to view and use, making it that way takes experience, expert input, and long-term commitment.

A website redesign can provide great value

While your website should be easy to use and navigate around, getting it to do that is not simple. There is a lot involved in making a website redesign pleasing to view and use, whether you have 12 million viewers or far fewer. What has accomplished behind the scenes matters?

First, let’s take a deep breath and really think about the basics of your story – what it is you want to accomplish, who you can help, what value you provide, and why users may be interested in you. Your website development company should create a visually attractive site with great functionality and content that is attractive, understandable, and often creative.

Front-end website development

Front-end web development includes the parts your visitors will see – the logos, colors, fonts, page layout, and about all that makes it visually appealing and functional. Making sites that are visually appealing while also being functional to your specifications and visitor demands are essential. What your visitors read is also important to their understanding and in satisfying their needs

Back-end website development

Back-end website development involves technical coding and programming of each page. You decide – do you want a functional website to meet your needs and the needs of site visitors and customers, or something that frustrates both user and anyone working for you? When looking at your current website, do you have to explain how your products work and can meet the needs of potential customers? If so, shouldn’t your website speak for itself, in how it appears, functions, and reads? Well, shouldn’t it?

Unity of action with web projects that work

Want to attract and retain website visitors with important information in a pleasing, clever way on both desktop and mobile? Let Accunity’s trusted experts show you how to inform, engage, and inspire potential and current customers with web development and branding. Contact Accunity to learn more.

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