How Web Analytics Help Businesses Grow

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If you use a website to promote your company online, implementing web analytics tools is a powerful way to grow your business and reach a broader audience. By tracking your online users, web analytics tools create data reports of suggestive insights about them such as their age, location, gender, where they came from, and their behavior once they land on your page. These reports give you access to valuable information about your visitors that if utilized correctly, can create more meaningful customer interaction and experience. 

In this article, we look specifically at how web analytics tools can help your business grow below.

Know Your User and Their Needs 

The most successful businesses make informed decisions with their existing and potential customers in mind. This ensures any business decisions made will not negatively impact existing customers but instead offer them a more meaningful experience while potentially drawing in new users. However, in order to make these intelligent decisions, you need to be clear on who your customers are, and what exactly they need.

Data analytics reports capture information such as location, age, gender, and interests–giving you precise information to create better strategies to reach specific target audiences. These reports can also show you what people are searching for when they land on your page, and information about pages they have visited.  

Your increased understanding of who your users are means you can stay ahead of the market and with a greater appeal to your audience, and create better-informed business strategies so your organization can work smarter, not harder.

Improve Usability

Web analytics reports also capture important information such as what technology and applications your visitors use to access your page. This information can assist you in improving the accessibility of your site and fine-tune the user experience. These insights expand into knowing what language your users speak and their location, therefore improving your business intelligence, and decide if expanding to include multilingual content or localizing your website would be a beneficial business decision.

Call to Action Insights

In-page analytics can give you precise insight into your call to action buttons, and beneficial information about conversion rates, and lead generation. By knowing what links on your web page receive the most hits and why gives you a chance to reassess the sections of your website that may not receive as much engagement and take action accordingly.

Identify Your Leading Content

Website analytics tools show you what parts of your website and content attract the most users, how long they stay, and when they leave each page. This information provides you with insights that can be used to leverage your website’s engagement by learning what specific content is reaching your target audience. You can then give more attention to better quality content that you know users want, with the goal of increased customer dwell time that helps you gain higher engagement and conversion rates.
If you are not utilizing web analytics to better your website, it’s time to take action and increase your business intelligence. The information and data you gain help to better plan, operate, and grow your business.

If you would like to speak to the professionals about how to implement this robust tool into your operations, Accunity is here to work with you to understand your business and leverage technology to increase profits and drive success.  

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