Volusion vs. Shopify: Find the Best Ecommerce Web Design Solution for Your Business

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You’ve done the hard work. Your idea is becoming a reality, and you’ve got a product to promote. Now, you need to sell it, but where? Online, of course! It’s vital you find an e-commerce web design solution that fits your business’ needs and is user-friendly. We look at Volusion and Shopify, two of the leading online store builders to help you decide which is best for your business. 

Choosing an Ecommerce Web Design Platform

In 2019, it’s important to have the ability to work on your business from anywhere. Hosted e-commerce platforms such as Volusion and Shopify, are the solution as there’s no software necessary, so you can manage your online store from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access. 

Design a store with user-friendly templates (no coding skills required), optimize your products for searchability, and accept payments, all on one platform. 

Volusion vs. Shopify: A Comparison


At first glance, the pricing structures for Volusion and Shopify are very similar. Volusion offers monthly packages from $29 to $299 for personal, professional, and business clients, as well as a custom solution. 

Like Volusion, Shopify’s packages are the same price, but they also offer a $9 Shopify Lite option for clients who want to sell to customers solely through Facebook. 


While the pricing is similar, it’s the features of these two eCommerce platforms that set them apart.

Shopify offers an extensive app store with thousands of options to customize your online shop to your exact specifications. They also provide a built-in blogging platform “out of the box.” Blogging functionality is only available on Volusion through third-party integrations. 

If you want to stay in touch with recurring customers, Volusion offers email marketing services and recurring pricing for subscription-based product sales. 

Both Volusion and Shopify offer an online website builder with free and paid templates, social media integration, secure checkout functionality, and dropshipping integration.


Shopify offers far more functionality at a lower price point. Volusion limits the number of products on the $29 and $79 tiers and imposes yearly sales limits at every level. The $29 monthly plan limits you to 100 products and $50,000 in sales per year.

While Shopify allows manual order creation at any price point, Volusion only offers this functionality on their monthly plans over $79. Likewise, Shopify offers abandoned cart functionality on their $29 rate, but Volusion doesn’t provide it until clients adopt a $79 monthly plan.


Volusion wins on zero credit card transaction fees, while Shopify charges. However, they waive fees if you opt to use their payment gateway, Shopify Payments, in one of their approved countries. 

Is There a Clear Winner?

When it comes to determining the best value, we look to the services offered and the functionality that’s missing. Volusion gives zero transaction fees and excellent marketing tools, while Shopify provides a wide range of apps and less restrictive product and sales limits. 

After comparing the pricing, features, restrictions, and fees, we concluded that Shopify offers the best value for money. However, we urge you to decide for yourself and your business, based on your criteria, to determine which eCommerce platform best fits your needs and budget. If you are still not sure, get in touch with us at Accunity and let us be your guide.

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