Treat Your Business Website Like a Digital Product, Not a Project

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Let’s Get Ready to Rumble Your Business Website!

The launch of a new business website can be both daunting and exciting, especially for startup companies. It is paramount to make sure the site complements your company’s brand in its design, messaging, and user experience. The technology that supports your business website must be digitally diligent and maintain its position as king of the modern tech ring. More importantly, your business website should be a high-performance machine that generates engagement with your target audience. This is all important, but the bigger picture is how to build a customer-centric site capable of inspiring lifetime loyalty. This is a task that truly separates the lightweights from the heavyweights.

Think about it this way, when a project typically comes to an end, those involved will crack open the bubbly, celebrate their accomplishments, then it is inevitably forgotten. On the other hand, the product mindset is a cultural foundation from which transformation thrives. Products, such as your website should be flexible and adaptable to fit with your customer needs and feedback, which are evaluated according to key performance indicators (KPI), and optimized through test-phases.

In the Red Corner, We Have…

By treating your business website as a project, you are making the monumental mistake of putting yourselves first and your customers second. You have decided what you want and need and you implement the process–or project–to accomplish a fixed goal. This situation can lead to an ‘inside out’ mentality, potentially crippling the business website before it has even stretched its legs. But what benefit does this have for the customer?

And in the Blue Corner…

By adopting a product mindset, you can forget about being on the ropes once your business website goes live. Customers value products, not projects; so as digital as it is, your website should be a product, too.

A summary of Marty Cagan’s article on Product vs IT Mindset tells us that a product is “supported by the right mix of experience, technology, and operational resources.” Specifically, It should:

  • deliver value through continuous product innovation:
  • deliver outstanding value efficiently
  • pinpoint clever opportunities
  • turn out differentiating capabilities
  • collate feedback in real-time,
  • rinse and repeat

Adopting this ideology can alter your tide of fortune substantially and ultimately result in more revenue. Your customer base will expand, the old-timers will stand in ceremony, and your business website will undoubtedly prosper. Knock out!

Let’s Hand it to the Board

Treating your business website as a digital product will have a number of positive repercussions, the most obvious of these is profit. Long lasting value and trust are created when you put the customer’s concerns at the forefront of your business strategy. When these customers can see value in something, such as a product, their loyalty will be bonded to your brand, and you will then experience better growth.  

Supercharge Your Business

In the end, the success of your business website will be influenced by a collection of business variables. If you find all the factors of a successful website launch to be a bit dizzying, relax. Accunity can help you build a custom solution to suit your business’ needs. Drop by Accunity to find more information on how to treat your business website as a product. Contact us for a risk free, no obligation consultation to get things started.

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