Is it Time for a Website Redesign?

Expert Tips for Website Redesign


Technology updates and user behavior changes can mean it’s time for a website redesign. It’s entirely possible that you’ve created a great website strategy which brought you traffic and profitable conversion rates. 

Through analytic tools, you can see if your site traffic is keeping up with the trends. It’s easy to sit back with a finished website and let it run on autopilot, assuming that its layout is functional enough for you to focus on following leads. But if you’re not paying attention, the competition may just woo away your customers.

When considering website redesign there are a few key points to examine to ensure optimum results.

Redesign your Website for your Customer 

Starting a business is a big deal, and creating a website acts as your official shingle. It’s easy for a business to want to make their website all about the company and what they promote. That’s the obvious goal of a website: to show off who and what you are. 

In actuality, however, your website is not about promoting your business but about promoting the customer. It may seem backward but realistically your customer has come to your website because they are looking for something for themselves. It’s your job to welcome them, and introduce them to the product that is going to make them happy–maybe even change their life. 

The customer may come to endorse your company through conversion and recommend your company to others which can increase traffic, but first, you have to entice them to a sale and that comes from making your site customer-focused. 

Website Redesign is all about Improving on Meaningful Content

If analytics are showing that your website is no longer attracting new and converting customers it may mean that your content is no longer appealing to the masses. Meaningful content means keeping with the current events, whether that’s a reference to the news, social media, or influencer trends. 

Keeping up to date with the local social fashion is the best way to implement meaningful and relevant content into your website. What may have been a decent sales pitch last year may now be clichéd content in the eyes of consumers. 

Redesign Navigation to Improve Dwell Time

Website navigation can include anything from page layout to content flow. It may be that your website has outlived customer preferences for the way they navigate from page to page. Where once a sidebar menu was an attractive design element, now a drop-down menu is easier to use ad expresses a bit of sophistication. 

If your dwell time is low, start checking your links. It may even be that some of your links actually guide customers off your site onto a competitor site. 

If your analytics show that dwells time is only spent on one or two pages before customers leave for another location, it may be time to consider a redesign on basic site layout or time to update your content with fresh, valuable information.

User Behavior Changes – Redesign Ineffective Paths 

We’ve mentioned that customers follow trends, and the reality is that user behavior also changes–in fact, attention spans may be getting shorter if that’s even possible. Start by testing the site to ensure that your links and software are working correctly. 

Next, using heatmap tracking software you can determine how a user navigates your site, what they click on, where they pause, and how far down your page they scroll. If an important part of your content is too low on a page, a user may never get there. By regularly examining user behavior you can improve your website layout to ensure the customer is gaining access to the information they need. 

Website Redesign Ensures Optimum User Experience

The truth is if you want to continue to increase your conversion rates, you’re going to have to take an upper hand and revisit your website design regularly to ensure that you are adapting to customer needs. Updating and redesigning your website is the best way to ensure that conversion rates maintain an upswing to improve your return on investment. Whether you need a complete overhaul or just a little tightening around the edges, at Accunity, we have the specialists to evaluate your website’s effectiveness, make suggestions, and give you a fresh new look. 

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