“The true success of your mobile app design & development comes from knowing who your target audience is, what their habits or patterns are, and what they expect from a mobile experience.”

There are a number of things to consider when trying to gain insight into the patterns and specifics of your target market. Age, gender, socioeconomic status, education level, language, even things like culture will all come into play when endeavouring to design a mobile app that not only speaks to your target audience but also enhances your company’s bottom line profit margins.

Look before you leap. Before you begin coding or developing, take a minute to get to know who your end users are, what appeals to them, and what doesn’t – this information will guide you throughout the app development process.

Compile a Profile of Your End User

In marketing, they are often referred to as an IC – or ideal customer. App developers know them as end-users. Whatever you choose to call them, the process of developing a character profile is the same: Identify your target audience, and figure out what they need from you. How will they use your app? Will it be to communicate? To bank? For sales? Is it internal or external?

What does the average person in your market demographic look like? Consider questions such as these:

    • What age group does your average user fall into?
      If your target audience is generally older, they might want something less flashy and more reliable, whereas the younger crowd may prefer more automation and better ‘bells and whistles.’


    • Where do they live?
      Where we live largely shapes who we are, especially in terms of language and culture. English is widely spoken, but not by everyone, you might need to consider things like translation or design fonts.


    • What is their educational level?
      Complex apps might appeal to users with higher educational levels, but those with less education might want something more user-friendly.


The more details you uncover about your target audience, the stronger the chance that you will be able to design an app that appeals to them.