Small Business Web Redesign Tips

Expert Tips For Small Business Web Redesign


If the thought of undergoing a web redesign makes your gut churn, you’re in good company. Many small businesses like yours have outdated websites because the process of updating their website seems so painstaking, even if they’ve identified a great Dallas web design agency like ours with WordPress designers and web developers who are highly skilled at small business web design. To help encourage you to keep your small business up-to-date, we’ve put together this blog post of our best web redesign tips.

Web Redesign Tip #1 – Always Work With Your Web Developer or WordPress Designer on a Strategy for Your Small Business Web Redesign

While you should always be updating your website, and testing those changes, never do it just because. There should always be a strategic purpose for web redesign. When you work with our Dallas web design agency, we help you define your web redesign strategy. Your Strategy may be to:

  • Reduce your bounce rate.
  • Make your free downloads easier to access.
  • Create more informative web pages.
  • Change your web design to better match your company brand.
  • Improve navigation and usability of your website
  • Implement the best SEO practices to make your site discoverable

Your small business web design strategy may even include a variety of goals. Whatever the case, set a plan in place, define how you’ll measure results, and put the plan into motion.

Web Redesign Tip #2 – Embrace Evolutionary Site Redesign (ESR)

Many small businesses have outdated websites because they just don’t have the time to do a complete website overhaul. That’s okay. As a Dallas web design agency, we actually don’t recommend complete web overhauls, but rather evolutionary site design.

Here’s our point of view. The world is constantly changing. SEO is an ongoing process, and consumer behavior can change at a moment’s notice. The images, headlines, and other aspects of your website that worked six months ago may be irrelevant now. And that’s not okay, because websites that don’t resonant result in lost sales opportunities.

Web Redesign Tip #3 – A/B Test Everything You Change

One of our best web design tips that we can give you is to test all your changes. After all, if you don’t run a test to see if your proposed change really does drive more sales or leads, then why make it?

By having your web developer perform A/B testing, you’re collecting real research to determine which pages, headlines, images, videos, and other aspects of your website lead to desired actions like purchases or form completions. And since A/B testing is constant, your finger is always on the pulse of what is current and compelling, which is a key factor when taking the ESR web redesign approach.

Our Dallas Web Design Agency Can Help You

As a Dallas web design agency, we help small businesses with their web redesigns all the time. We’re ready to implement the web redesign tips listed above to give you the best web presence possible. To schedule a conversation with us, call our offices today at (972) 464-2797.

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