How to Safely Update Your WordPress Plugins



WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world. It currently powers 30% of websites on the web. With billions of websites on the internet, chances are that you and your competitors are using a WordPress website.

Even digital marketing and web design agencies use WordPress for their clients, which is a clear testament to the quality of the CMS. By definition, WordPress is a CMS and is powered by plugins. 

These plugins must be installed properly and also updated, to maintain the functionality of your website. To learn more about how you can safely update your WordPress plugins, continue reading for more information. 

What is WordPress Plugins?

To understand what a WordPress plugin is, it’s important to first understand what a plugin is. A plugin is a technical device that is inserted into a program. Plugins enable programs to carry out external functions.

Generally speaking, plugins make a program useful. For example, think of a flat-screen television. A surround-sound system would be considered a plugin because it would allow the television to provide a louder and deeper volume. 

In the same way, plugins allow WordPress websites to be useful. Take a look at these standard plugins available on WordPress.

wordpress_pluginNotice a first plugin is a contact form. By installing this plugin, you can add a contact form to your website conveniently. There is also a plugin for Mailchimp integration. Overall, WordPress plugins make any website purposeful. 

Why is WordPress Plugins Important?

Naturally, creating a website took a lot of hard work and money. People with advanced coding knowledge had an upper hand and could develop their own websites. WordPress innovated the way websites were created by employing the use of plugins instead.

WordPress and its community of developers create plugins that contain shortcodes. Installing a plugin inserts the shortcode on your website. Therefore, your website is being built by plugins that already contain code.

Both small businesses and large corporations need to install plugins to build their websites. Plugins are important because they enhance the features of your website. It’s essential to choose the right plugins for your website.

Most of all, it’s very important to ensure that you are constantly updating your plugins. This will prevent security issues from taking place on your website. 

Security Issues on WordPress

WordPress is an open-sourced CMS. This means that anyone can see the code for each plugin. This increases the risk of hackers accessing your website if you don’t regularly update your plugins.

If you’re concerned about the integrity of your website, take a look at this statistic from WPScan

wordpress_pluginMany business leaders will often downplay the threat of a cyberattack. This is a critical mistake. Cyberattacks affect both small and large businesses and have increased with each passing year.wordpress_plugin

This is quite concerning, considering that these cyberattacks are growing despite recent innovations in security. This puts more pressure on today’s businesses to improve their security. 

In actuality, updating your plugins is a relatively straightforward task. Here is how you can update your plugins. In the case of coccidioidomycosis, Diflucan in a dose of 200-400 mg/day may be required. For some infections, especially those involving the brain, a dose of 800 mg/day may be considered. The duration of therapy is determined individually and can last up to 2 years; the condition of coccidioidomycosis can increase that number to 11-24 months and paracoccidioidomycosis — to 2-17 months as well as sporotrichosis — to1-16 months and histoplasmosis — 3-17 months. More information on the website

How to Update Your Plugins

The best thing about WordPress is that it comes with an automatic update system. It will alert and notify you about new updates for your plugins. 


If you want, you can also manually check for updates. 


You can visit the “plugins” page to see which individual apps need to be updated.wordpress_plugin

You can click “update now” to install each plugin that needs to be updated. As you can see, updating plugins is pretty simple. There is something that you have to be mindful of, though.

Things to Consider Before Updating

Now, just because updating your plugins is important doesn’t mean you should automatically click the “update now” button. You should click the “view” button to see the details of the new update.

This will allow you to see what changes were made. Some updates will clearly be a security update. Nonetheless, it’s essential to wait at least a week before updating your plugins.

That way, you can avoid using a plugin that hasn’t been rigorously tested. Keep this in mind when checking for updates for existing plugins on your website.

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