Preparing for a Successful Website Development Project

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Website development can be both a fun and daunting task. It requires putting all the pieces of the puzzle together from design, functionality, navigation, code-integrity, and a lot more. Successful website development also relies on great teamwork and defined processes. Web developers, designers, content creators, and others must closely collaborate to keep the ball rolling, achieve the desired outcome, and get things done in a timely fashion.

Of course, like any other project, being well prepared can take you to great heights. Here’s a list of things to consider to secure your website development’s success.

Bring in the A-Team

Whether you like it or not, or even if you know everything, operating as a one-man team is not the best option. The team you need will depend on the scope of project, goals, and timeline. Ideally (and depending on your budget) the team will consist of the following talents:

  • Website Developer
  • Website Designer
  • UX Planner
  • Content Specialist/SEO Specialist
  • Digital Strategist
  • Technical Project Manager
  • Account Director
  • Client Partner

With all these talents in place, each stage of the website development is handled by a team member with extensive knowledge and expertise. Throughout the project, the team will collaborate on specific tasks that make up the whole project.

Website Goals and Promises

Now that you’ve gathered the winning team, it’s time to get busy and prepare. Here are the four phases to go through before the project goes to development.


This is the phase of understanding the ‘why’ and ‘what’ –why the client needs a website and what can you do to achieve the goal. In this discovery phase, information about the client, business, goals, and current processes are gathered. From there, strategic recommendations are given. This phase will determine the project scope.


At this phase, use all the information gathered from the discovery process and start developing a strategic vision for the project. Dig down deeper on the goals and come up with the specific action plan. Everyone in the team is involved in this process, so make sure that their insights and expertise are considered. This is also the phase where timelines and task assignments are drafted.

Practical Application

This stage focuses on the user’s journey. This is where the information architecture of the website is created–the number of pages, site map, integrations, content placements, wireframes, and how the user will interact with the website. This is the stage where conversion rates are discussed and strategies are laid out.


After determining the key elements of the site, the website designers will start working on the look and feel of the website. Designers will incorporate trends, best practices, and industry guidelines. Design concepts for desktop, mobile phones, and tablets will also be created. The end point of this stage is a visual representation of how the website will look like after the development.

Call in the Developers

Once you’ve dealt with all these stages and have gone through the process, it’s time to hand over the design to the development team. The development team will then create and execute the collaborative vision of the project, and you will, hopefully, have a fantastic website to show for all your hard work. If all this still sounds to be just a bit too much for you, contact us at Accunity and we’ll handle the dirty work for you.

Supercharge Your Business

If you don’t know where or how to start, no worries! The team of experts is available to answer your questions and walk you through each step of the web design and development process. Whether you are looking to create a revenue generating website or develop an engaging mobile experience, contact our staff at Accunity for a free quote today. At Accunity, we specialize in delivering high value business solutions and our technology and business experts can help you through each stage of the process. As a full service digital agency, we are here to lead your business into digital transformation. If you’re ready to jumpstart your business, contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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