PPC Trends in 2020



If you’re reading this then chances are that you are looking for ways to grow your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. The only way you can succeed in this endeavor is by arming yourself with as much industry knowledge as you can.

PPC, like any other marketing initiative, is constantly adapting every year. Therefore, you can’t rely on using previous tactics to achieve current results. Keeping tabs on recent trends will ultimately help you create high-performance ads while staying compliant with changes in the marketing sector.

Do you want to observe the new PPC trends in 2020? This article will outline the most important trends you should follow.

Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning Will Take Over

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have had a major impact on world innovation. In fact, both AI and machine learning are used significantly in many online advertising platforms

PPC will become increasingly automated to expedite monotonous and repetitive tasks, resulting in more efficient campaigns. Does this mean that human marketers will begin to lose their jobs?

The answer is no for right now. Human minds are still needed to process data received from their campaigns and make adjustments. Expect to leverage automation, as well as machine learning and AI, in future campaigns in 2020. 

Enhanced Audience Targeting Will Become Pivotal

Google has always maintained a mission to provide value to web users and marketers must strive to do the same. Instead of cramming a central marketing message through your PPC ads, you should find out ways you can help, educate, and provide value to your target audience.

Gone are the days when you can overpay for top ad positions and provide poor offerings. Instead, you should focus on improving the ad score of your campaign by following these tips:

  • Target very specific keywords.
  • Define negative keywords.
  • Optimize your landing page.
  • Third group all of your keywords.

Audience tracking hinges on how well your unique selling proposition (USP) is structured through your ads. 

Privacy Matters

The GDPR and other similar legislation in recent years have caused organizations to come to a halt on how they acquire and manage consumer data. This legislation has turned the issue of privacy from wishful thinking to a paramount activity. 

This will ultimately affect current tracking methods advertisers are using on Google Adwords and other platforms. To move forward, while reducing your liability and maximizing your compliance, you should read up on the conditions of the GDPR, as well as other legislation. 

PPC Strategy Becomes More Valuable

Do you think that automation, machine learning, and AI will make advertising platforms easy to use? The answer is yes. Do you believe that in-depth PPC strategies will no longer be needed, as a result? The answer is no. 

As technologies improve, strategizing will only become more essential. The reason why is because automation only entails completing repetitive tasks. Human minds will still need to interpret and act on key data.

CPCs Will Continue to Rising

Search isn’t going to grow anymore. The internet has reached its climax in terms of user growth, yet competition is steadily growing. In simple business terms, this will increase CPCs across a wide variety of industries. 

For this reason, you should prepare to tighten up your advertising budget to weather the storm. These changes may not happen immediately, but they will surge nonetheless in 2020. 

This will happen until the paid search reaches a saturation point. Remember paid search isn’t like SEO. There are a limited number of spots available with thousands of businesses fighting for visibility. 

Hire a PPC Company Today!

Realistically, there are dozens of PPC trends happening at the moment. Unless you have a relative or business associate that’s close to the marketing industry, it will be easy to lose sight.

PPC companies are engulfed in the marketing sector, perform their own experimentation, and know popular PPC trends. You can rely on these companies to modify your campaign and achieve brilliant results on your behalf. 

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