AI for Pay Per Click Advertising: Does it Really Work?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is growing in use every year. Businesses in various industries, from technology to medicine, are using AI to streamline their business operations.

In the marketing sector, an increasing number of organizations are implementing the use of AI in their pay-per-click campaigns, and studies are showing that it’s actually paying off. That’s right – these companies are using AI to impact the performance of their Facebook ads.

Is AI really a determining factor of influence for PPC campaigns? You’ll find out how AI can influence your Bing Ads by reading more below.

AI Can Predict Consumer Behavior in Real-Time

One of the top benefits of using AI in any sector is that the technology relies on machine learning. This means that your AI can learn from your marketing data and make impactful adjustments if necessary.

Furthermore, AI can be used to interpret the correlation between keywords and campaigns and decipher the intent behind web browsing activity, demographics, and more importantly – consumer behavior.

AI can make these determinations faster than any human could, which increases the likelihood of a successful Google ads campaign in addition to a more optimized bottom line.

This isn’t all. Many experts agree that AI will be able to accurately predict consumer behavior months in advance. 

AI Can Help You Adjust Your PPC Bids

AI can be a helpful tool for marketing teams because the technology allows for the efficient outsourcing of fresh keyword opportunities.

This can lead to more optimized bids, which can save you money in the long run. For example, AI can be beneficial in helping you avoid bidding too low for Google ads that can lead to more qualified leads, and it can also help you to avoid overbidding.

Fortunately, building your AI to perform these tasks may not be necessary. Popular AI bidding management platforms, like Google and Bing, already have this feature for their users.

In fact, even Amazon allows advertisers to use their hourly bidding algorithm to adjust their ads to real-time marketplace trends. Nonetheless, an important takeaway here is that you can’t rely on this technology to make your bids more efficient.

You’ll still need to closely monitor your ads and keep a close eye on what you’re spending on them. Even automated bids can undermine your ROI and ruin your advertising budget. Overall, what looks optimal to a third-party algorithm (Google, Bing, etc) may not be what you’re looking for.

AI Can Terminate Unsuccessful Ads

Marketers can use AI to determine which ads are performing poorly. If an ad isn’t meeting your expectations, it doesn’t make sense to continue bidding on it.

Similarly, if your bids are optimal but you’re not receiving any clicks on your ads, your quality score could suffer as well. By maintaining a high ad quality score, you can effectively decrease your cost per conversion (CPC). 

Small details that can drag your quality score down may miss your eye until it’s too late. AI can help you identify unsuccessful ads so you can terminate them.

AI Can Provide a Boost to Your Retargeting Efforts

Let’s face it – PPC ads can become redundant, especially to repeat customers. For example, if you’re selling high-end products and already converted a customer, there’s a nearly impossible chance that the customer will do business again with you next month.

If that’s the case, then why are your ads still being targeted to them. It may seem like a harmless practice, but it’s just not cost-effective to spend your ad budget on people who aren’t like to convert again anytime soon.

AI ad platforms can be integrated with offline data from your customer relationship management (CRM) platform to help you make smarter marketing decisions.

AI Can Make Your Ads More Creativity

Creativity is key in Instagram advertising and PPC in general. People see hundreds of ads every day, so your ads will need to stand out to receive quality attention.

Fortunately, Google’s Responsive Search Ads (backed by AI), makes it possible to increase the creativity of your ads. These ads are provided with 15 different headlines and up to four different descriptions to determine which combination achieves the most conversions.

In addition, people receive the right combinations based on the terms they are searching for. This leads to a fresh, personalized PPC experience for consumers.

Many marketers will agree that “spend more to make more” holds true. However, this isn’t some type of excuse to waste money when better alternatives are available

If you’d like to learn more about how AI can benefit your own PPC campaign, contact Accunity today to speak to a member of our sales team. 

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