A business capable of leveraging a successful mobile strategy is a business that is capable of changing the consumers work, play and live. 2017 brought many great advances in technology and has reminded us that mobile strategy is the way of the future.

As more and more products go mobile, businesses are uncovering new and innovative ways to use mobile strategy to enhance the way they operate and the products they offer. Whether or not a business sees mobile strategy as a way to streamline costs, or to increase revenue, one thing is for certain – mobile is everywhere.

History Tells Us

Step back a few years, in April 2015, Google declared ‘Mobile-egeddon Day’ and release a change to its search engine algorithm, indicating that websites must become more mobile friendly. This came after the acknowledgement that mobile internet usage accounted for 30% of all online activity. Most digital marketers are well aware of this, so we apologize if this is ‘old news’, here are some stats to consider:

  • 1,525% boost in mobile data usage between 2010 and 2015 (according to Meditative)
  • 87% of the Earth’s population use mobile devices
  • Consumers spend 85% of time on smartphones in mobile apps (TechCrunch)
  • Over 2 billion mobile users will engage in a mobile transaction by 2017 (Juniper Research)
  • There are 224 million active app users in the United States… per month.
  • 73% of mobile searches trigger follow-up actions according to SearchEngineLand

9 out of 10 shoppers currently use their mobile devices while inside the physical retail location. They do this largely to research products and compare prices. Imagine the potential for offering in-store discounts reserved only for mobile app users.

Integration Between Mobile & Other Platforms

There are a number of companies that have the knowledge necessary to build an app, however, not all of them will truly understand your business needs and how mobile technology might factor into that. Unfortunately, reality doesn’t typically set in until after hefty investments into app development have been made – when you are left with a poorly developed app that doesn’t meet the needs of your end user or deliver any real positive impact.

It is crucial to the success of your mobile strategy that you partner with a professional hosting provider that pays attention to your goals, and understand what it will take to help you achieve them.