Developing and maintaining an enterprise mobile app is mission critical for today’s businesses, however, with so many different mobile platforms available – how do you know which one is right for your business? iOS, Android and Windows are all leaders in their market share, but do they offer everything your company needs? One way to find out is to pay attention to what other businesses are doing, and what is working the best for the masses.

It was once reported that many businesses strongly prefer Apple’s mobile platform over its leading competitor, Android, in fact, as far as business devices go, iPhone and iPad lead the charge, even when factoring in how much growth the mobile device market has seen in recent years. Of more than 5,000 people surveyed, in the first quarter of that year, 51% of all smartphone’s used where iPhone and 92% of all tablets were iPads. This means that 72% of all business mobile devices were on the iOS platform.

More and more businesses using tablets for app activation. This indicates that tablets are being purchased and used in a manner different from smartphones. When smartphones were first introduced to the market, businesses regarded them as overpriced ‘toys’ and were hesitant to adopt them into their regular day. This was not the case with tablets. Many companies are looking to develop strategies that include tablets in their mobile plan.

App Growth
Custom app activation has been on a steady incline for years. Businesses are looking to move past basic-function apps, and are looking to develop smarter and more intuitive apps. More and more businesses have started to recognize the correlation between custom app development and increased profits and productivity.
As trends would tell, even with increases in app activation, Apple remains the leading contender in business devices and seems like the likely choice for most businesses. However, prior to jumping on the iOS bandwagon, ask yourself:

● Do you know your audience? Do you know what they need or how they will use the app?
● Do you know what sorts of features you must have versus those that would ‘be nice to have’?
● Do you know what your growth plan entails?
These are only a few of the questions that you will need to consider when deciding which mobile platform is best for you.