Lately, everywhere you go you run into someone championing the use of mobile apps to help businesses streamline operations, reduce spending and put time back in their day. Yet, you remain skeptical – bells, whistles and flashy packaging aside, are business apps really capable of living up to the hype? Or, are they just another expense that delivers little to no ROI in the long run?

It might surprise you to learn just how much of an impact business mobile apps have when it comes to increasing operational efficiency. They are anything but a frivolous expense, they present businesses with excellent returns that can be translated into cost savings and heightened employee productivity, as well as a number of other tangible benefits.

How are a forward-thinking company able to accomplish this? Here is a life of ways that business mobile apps have successfully improved operational efficiency.

  1. Enterprise mobility solutions offer something for everyone.
    You’ve likely heard the tagline ‘There’s an app for that’, and it is true. App developers can design an app suitable for practically every function or purpose. Whether you are looking to streamline business operations, make tasks easier for employees on the go, or even make it easier to access documents and share files, the possibilities are endless.
  2. Business mobile apps have been proven to prevent expensive errors.
    Mistakes happen, human error occurs, there have even been times where something as simple as difficult to read handwriting has caused delays in processing times or lost forms have resulted in inventory or shipping errors. Consider how much time is wasted printing, copying, scanning or mailing paper documents. A business mobile app is entirely paperless and works to eradicate operational inefficiencies for good.
  3. Mobility solutions reduce overhead costs.
    More and more processes are being managed and execute via mobile apps, this means that businesses are seeing fewer costs for things like ink, paper, and even postage. Employees can easily submit important work-related documents without even stepping foot inside the office, which reduces fuel costs and maintenance expenses.
  4. Mobile business apps save time.
    Important customer information used to be stored in filing cabinets, or in storage in the basement, this took time to locate whenever it was needed. Eventually, this information started to be kept in a CRM system on the desktop computer of the business, but, accessing this information would meaning having to be at the office. Storing this information in the cloud and enabling access via a mobile app means that customer information is not only safe but also easily accessible from anywhere – and it can also be updated instantly whenever a new business transaction occurs or an update is needed. This is particularly beneficial for employees who cannot get to the office, who work remotely or might be involved in outside sales or service.

Mobility solutions have proven effective for increasing and enhancing operational efficiency and streamlining costs. Talk to us today to see how you can start seeing a great ROI.