If you have even a novice understanding of the principles of digital marketing, you likely understand that you need a mobile marketing platform. Ideally, you’ve taken steps to ensure that your business has a website that is responsive – unfortunately, in today’s competitive sphere, that probably won’t be enough. Having a website that performs well on desktops and smartphones is good practice, but there is so much more than you can do to profit from mobile phone users.

Developing A Mobile App is a Smart Move

The American public and their smartphones have been the topic of numerous studies. And, as common results would find, Americans spend more than two hours each and every day on their mobile devices. Some studies even indicated that the average mobile phone user checks their phone once an hour. With each swipe of the phone screen, these mobile apps are mining for data and collecting valuable information that business can then analyze and use for their sales and marketing programs. The value of data aside, there are monumental gains in terms of brand recognition and proposition; every time a users sees your app logo and engages, they are reinforcing the fact that your company is still valid.

Even if a particular user happened to be searching for a different app, the look of your icon will help them remember your name later when they need a product or service that you offer. A high number of sales conversions follow a multi-touch marketing strategy and your logo is what strengthens your brand recognition. Nowadays, mobile app development should be viewed as quasi-mission-critical and is a worthy investment for all businesses.

A mobile app allows your customers to connect when on the go

Modern consumers aren’t out visiting brick and mortar stores in record numbers, they are too busy for that. Today’s shopper wants the shopping experience to be as quick and painless as possible. This is the very backbone of a well thought out mobile app – they take the pain out of customer engagement. Mobile apps can be used to showcase your best products or send out push notifications offering special discounts or sales based on geolocation tracking, you could even create brand ambassadors by allowing users to share their experiences on social media. With mobile apps, there are no limits, only opportunities.