One of the most intelligent things that you can do for your business right now comes in the form of mobile strategy. Technology is forever advancing, and smart businesses understand the importance of keeping pace in order to remain relevant and stay ahead of the curve. However, here is where things might get a little complex: You may have developed (or are considering developing) an excellent mobile app that your staff and consumers enjoy using, but when it comes to app security, what are you doing to safeguard your company’s sensitive information?

In order to provide a satisfactory level of security and protection, your MDM solution needs to be proactive and able to protect your business on many different levels.

Here are 10 app security features that your MDM solution must have in order to provide the best level of protection:

  1. The ability to erase data, remotely, from the mobile devices of any employee that leaves the business.
  2. Multiple app deployment options that are available via the cloud, public cloud, hybrid, etc.
  3. Complete protection against every possible hosting failure.
  4. Scalability, and the option for staff to utilize multiple devices with ease.
  5. A strong firewall that safeguards all data.
  6. Multiple remote management options to access and service BYOD, as well as to enforce compliance and to conduct routine diagnostics or maintenance.
  7. Real-time access to mobile network information and user behaviour, including the ability to prevent access to unauthorized users or devices.
  8. The ability to assign apps to employees on a case-by-case basis, as well as the ability to separate potentially harmful apps from critical business apps.
  9. The ability for administrators to restrict or block access to specific apps on personal devices during business operating hours, or scheduled time off.
  10. Multiple layers of protection for mobile devices, mobiles apps, the network and servers.

Security must always remain at the forefront of all mobile device strategies. Deploying an enterprise mobile app without a proven security system leaves your enterprise data susceptible to breaches and other potential disasters. Speak with our knowledgeable team today to see what you can do to enhance your mobile app security initiative.