By 2017, mobile device users had downloaded more than 270 billion mobile apps – there are 7.4 million humans worldwide. Regardless of how you look at it, that is a massive number of downloads across an impressive number of user devices. There should be no questioning the importance of mobile app testing, not with those numbers. Yet, more than 80% of apps on the market fail for one reason or another.

The Value of Mobile App Testing

Software developers of all kinds understand the importance of adhering to a strict testing program and what it means for the success of their product. The majority of software out there is developed for a specific type of device or computer, so the testing process can be routine. Beta users typically expect some sort of glitches or bugs during initial or trial launches. Mobile users are much harder to win over than conventional desktop users.

Unlike traditional computer users, who are used to a slower process, mobile users are exceedingly impatient – they demand speed and accuracy. Unlike desktop computers, mobile phones are often considered an extension of the life of the person using them, they use these devices to manage every aspect of their personal and professional lives. They need to be confident that the apps they download will work quickly and intuitively.

They are also more likely to associate their overall experience with their preferred mobile platform (Android, iOS) and will use this association when determining how they feel about a brand as a whole. A glitch app will drive customers away, and might even tarnish brand reputation when users start to post poor reviews on social media.

Effective mobile app testing may present challenges different from testing desktop app as well. Despite having similar operating systems, different phone manufacturers might have slightly different device capabilities. In addition to having to test on several different types of mobile phones, testers should also take into consideration privacy, security, speed, etc. Remember, a dissatisfied user won’t care if you tested your mobile app on all of the leading devices if it doesn’t work on theirs – they will tell all of their friends about it though.