A lot goes into developing a robust mobile app. Complex issues, like analytics and security, take a lot of time and resources. But, most of the time, it’s the less complex things that are what truly make a great functioning app. There are situations when these less complex issues might be overlooked as developers endeavour to create the best app. Here are 6 mobile app features that your mobile app needs if you want to keep users engaged and coming back.

1- Speed
If your app loads slowly, it’s a guarantee that users will leave. The easier an app is to access and use, the more likely it is that users will reap a great user experience and continue to use it. If a user has to sit idle and wait for an app to load, they are likely to abandon it and move on.

2- Offline functionality
Your app should have features that can be used without being online. This way, users in poor signal zones, or without Internet connectivity, can still receive value from using your app. There is nothing to say that offline functionality needs to be extraordinary, but it should offer something that keeps your target audience engaged.

3- Content
The content that your app delivers should be relevant and interesting. If the content on your website is recycled or copied from elsewhere, you are not giving users enough reason to use your app. Offer them something that they cannot receive by visiting your website. Your audience wants fresh content each and every time they use your app.

4- Contact methods
There is a strong likelihood that your mobile app is being accessed on a smartphone. And, despite being used as a computer, a smartphone is just that – a phone. Present app users with the ability to call you or reach out to customer service while they are using the app.

5- Simplicity
It might seem like a great idea to have a boldly coloured app, with fancy fonts and an array of different mobile app features, but it’s not. You want to provide mobile app users with a user-friendly mobile experience and a platform that they can navigate quickly and efficiently. Less is always more.

6- Comment or feedback
It is crucial that your app collects user data. A feedback system allows those using your app to tell you how it works and what they think of it. This will provide you with a means of quickly gathering feedback and identifying areas for improvement. It also lets users know that you care about what matters to them.

There is a lot that needs to be considered when deciding what mobile app features will best benefit your business, the above-mentioned is the must-have list for an app that is engaging and well-received.