Like most companies, you are probably recognizing that mobile app development is the next logical progression in the advancement of your organization. And, also like most companies considering mobile app development, and how it fits into their growth plans, you are probably starting to weigh the pros and cons of tackling development in-house or outsourcing to an experienced developer. As is expected of any project, the first crucial step is to develop a strategy. One that includes a plan for the app and a plan to integrate the newly developed app into the overall business strategy.

What are you planning to achieve by developing this app? What challenges are you needing to solve? You likely want a reasonable return on investment, whether that means in operational efficiencies or in some form of customer management. You likely also need to go-to-market as quickly as possible – but, don’t want to skimp on professional design and risk diminishing the user experience. If you are looking to create an app the enhances the user experience and has few glitches, your strategy should include enlisting the aid of a professional mobile app development company.

Outsourcing Mobile App Development Keeps Costs Low

Total spend is always the primary consideration when it comes to app development – and with excellent reason. If the build is too costly, there is less chance for a favourable ROI. Recruiting an in-house developer, on a full-time basis, will require a high salary, along with benefits and all of the other expenses associated with employee compensation management. On the other hand, you might have a few ‘techy’ people in your business who might be able to watch a few YouTube videos and string together something that kind of looks like an app – but, then you are likely to spend a great deal of time and money trying to fix the glitches and poor performance. Outsourcing to a professional development company is far less costly than any of the above-mentioned options, and gets far superior results.

Outsourcing Ensures Quality and Expertise

Whenever you endeavour to embark on a project that is not within the core service offerings of your business, it takes much longer to finish and, more often than not, does not produce quality results. There is no fault in admitting this-this is why companies stick to what they are good at. In choosing to work with an outsourced company, you can expect high quality and quick turnaround. Outsourcing a project that falls outside of your scope allows your focus to remain on more pertinent business activities – like generating revenue!

Outsourcing Provides Continual Support

Creating a full-circle mobility strategy means much more than just developing a mobile app, it also requires routine upgrading, cloud hosting, security management, analytics and much more. Again, rather than hiring someone to manage this in-house, or trying to get by on internal resources, enlisting an outsourcing provider ensures high quality, end-to-end service. In most cases, costs are fixed, making it easier to forecast budgets.

Simply put, if you need a professional quality mobile app that is free from glitches, runs as it is supposed to, is secure, and stays current – you need an outsourced app developer,