With the continual uptick in the growth of mobile and online marketing, new mobile apps and social media platforms are introduced each and every day. Your company is under constant pressure to adopt the latest and greatest trend just to remain relevant. Despite the fact that a number of these applications and sites may deliver actual value for your brand, there is also a high probability that they can do real damage if you are signing up just to keep pace and make sure that your brand is represented on every platform possible.

Prior to registering for any new social media app or platform, it is crucial that you stop and ask yourself – Will this offer something of value to my target market?

If you know immediately that the answer is ‘no’, then it is likely that that particular platform is not right for your brand. However, if you are set on enhancing your mobile strategy – whether through an enterprise mobile app or a social media platform – here are a few questions to ask:

  1. Does this offer something to your audience that they cannot get from your website?

Your business mobile app should not be a mirror image of your company website. It has to offer something different. Ask yourself what the mobile app will provide for your users that they cannot get from your website. Whether the answer is a quick way to order products from your mobile store, or a way for employees to access and share important documents, it is crucial that your mobile app has a specific purpose.

  1. Does it make day-to-day life easier?

More often than not, businesses turn to mobile app development as a way to streamline complex processes – to make the working lives of their employees easier and more efficient. This might come from collaboration tools, contact info, access to documents, etc.

  1. Is It A Clear Extension Of Your Existing Brand?

It is true that your mobile app needs to offer something to your audience that they cannot get elsewhere. However, it should also be an obvious extension of your corporate brand. Your app needs to focus on the core qualities of your business and make use of features and items that make sense.

If you are looking to develop a business mobile app, but are uncertain of the kind of value that it would deliver to your end-users, we would be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you might have.