By now, you should have at least begun to recognize the value of mobile apps and what they can do for your business. You’ve likely recognized how investing in mobile app development can deliver operational benefits, bolster employee productivity and even increase consumer satisfaction rates – but, do you understand just how valuable a mobile strategy is to your business?

If not, you aren’t alone. This key element to mobile app development is often overlooked – and that is shocking. Void of a concrete strategy, businesses run the risk of disassociating their mobile app from their overall business plan. Meaning that once the overall ‘newness’ or novelty of the app has dissipated, there is no plan for continual or ongoing management. The strategic requirements of a mobile app do not end once it has been deployed, there are still things like updates, routine maintenance and even monitoring and analyzing of data and performance that should be considered.,

Speaking specifically to the need for app analytics, performance management and analytical tools are crucial to the success of every app development project. These tools provide Intel into things like:

The effectiveness of app design.

Through the collection and interpretation of user behaviors and other key user-related data, businesses can quickly determine the ability of their overall app design to influence user behavior. And, in turn, they should be able to use this data to predict behavior trends and respond as needed.

What, if any, problems might occur.

App analytics enable businesses to predict (and prevent) problems before they occur. This is done by collecting data at multiple levels of the app and providing insight that will protect investments and prevent user issues.

How the app is impacting the business.

One of the biggest benefits of analyzing user behavior is that it enables businesses to see if the app is having a positive or negative impact, and then use the findings to either hone in on positive trends or remove negative ones.

Gathering and analyzing usage data with mobile app analytics is the only way to ascertain whether your enterprise mobile app is providing you with real ROI, and the only effective way to gain actionable insights into how to tweak your mobility strategy to ensure it fits seamlessly within your overall business plan.

Collecting and analyzing mobile app data is the only real way to gather tangible Intel, ensure that maximum ROI is achieved and to correct problems before they escalate.