There’s no better way to take in so much in such little time, with our team at Accunity – we’ve compiled a list of the events and sorted them out, highlighting the top 3 most impactful sessions of SXSW 2018!

1. Increasing your click-through rate with one on one Content Marketing

This session will bring together an extraordinary lineup of representatives from Facebook, Social Native, and Coca-Cola at SXSW 2018. Being experts that have been working in these top of line companies, should give you an insight on the importance and value they’ll provide to you for your content marketing strategies – from covering how they applied personalized marketing solutions to foresee content relevancy to achieve an overall upswing in performance. If content marketing is your thing – you don’t want to miss out on this session – schedule now.

2. Link up at the SEO Trends Summit

Be ready to take in and scribble down every bit of information you can get your hands on, when SEO Experts from around the world, come under the same roof to interchange the most cutting-edge and crucial SEO Strategies crossed over with the newest trends to date. If you live and breathe off search engine marketing – this summit is the place to be – and don’t wait for long, theirs only a few spots to grab – schedule here.

3. Facebook IQ: Top 5 Consumer Trends set to revolutionize 2020

While we’ve made our way through to a few extra insights on these trends from the Facebook IQ team, we thought we would share with you guys – From consumer shift readings up to this date – It is foreseen that 85% of all customer service interactions will be carried out without any actual human interaction and more than half, which means 50% of the e-commerce business in the United States will be generated through mobile devices. These stats have a lot to say for the near future – and the cost of missing out on this session will lead to a substantial cost of missing out on ready-made data to help you plan out your business for tomorrow – schedule now.

Keeping those trends in mind, doubtfully no bigger giant can compete with the pool of data that Facebook has, with over 2.13 billion monthly active Facebook users in the 3rd quarter of 2017 (Facebook MAUs) which is a 14 percent increase year over year.

As we witness the final days rapidly going by before the kickoff of such an impactful event, we’ve gained an overall outlook of what you can definitely look forward to coming across. Plus, what better way to bump into each other than at an extraordinary event like this! – And if by any means you won’t be able to make it through, no worries! – subscribe to our newsletter now and let us keep you updated with the latest information we come across at the event itself! Stay tuned!