‘Need a Lawyer?’ – Law Firm Marketing Tips

Expert Tips for Law Firm Marketing


Traditionally, law firms built their reputation through word of mouth and referrals. However, current social and economic trends are reshaping the legal industry. Client segmentation has become more fragmented, and law firms have to deal with more noise than ever from the competition in the industry trying to attract the same individual or commercial clients. 

Law Firm Marketing: A Hot Topic For Attorneys and Lawyers Today.

One of the first touchpoints for a potential client is to research their prospective attorney and law firm online. It is an opportunity for the potential client to scope out the firms offering services, and to check their legitimacy.

Being a client-focused firm means ensuring you provide great communication channels including an engaging, interactive web and mobile platform for potential clients to access. This would work in tandem with streamlining services and processes in the legal industry. Presenting legal knowledge online to potential clients can create buy-in and distinguish a particular law firm from their competitors.

Valuable Content and Branding for Law Firms

‘Content is king’ is a saying well known in the marketing field. It could be advantageous for your firm to provide case studies to potential clients. Reading this literature on your website offers value in the form of translating facts and figures into feelings of trustworthiness and credibility for your law firm.

Positioning Your Website –  FAQ, Blogs & Articles

Usually, the law firm’s website is their first point of contact with potential customers, making it an excellent opportunity to convince a customer to hire your law firm and work together. Where do you stand at the moment in terms of positioning online? There are many tools to check the overall SEO rankings of your online presence or for a more professional opinion, contact a digital agency who can point you in the right direction. 

Through blogs, articles and an interactive FAQ section– that contains common answers to regular inquiries– the law firm can subtly demonstrate what sets it apart from others. Hence, it’s a valuable tool for enhancing your brand, within which you can even claim thought-leadership in your field of expertise online. The FAQ can enhance your search engine ranking: since your page includes the answer to a question that many end-users have, you’ll quickly be displayed more prominently in rankings. “Site visitors can look through the list and quickly get the information they need without picking up the phone or sending an email. This quick convenience easily demonstrates a firm’s commitment to its clients, possibly leading to an increase in business.”

Providing access to valuable information online, cuts down on calls and saves time that you can then invest in other activities. The online pages can even serve as an internal resource for employees, who can quickly get the information they need to answer the questions of potential clients. Blog posts or articles online may be picked up by other experts in the field who then use and share them with their clients, backlinking your online information, referencing you in emails and social media posts.

Testimonials of Happy Clients  

Reach out to past clients and request a review of your firm on Google, LinkedIn, or other platforms. Moreover, establish a new philosophy of using client testimonials or even a client testimonial page on your website to build trust, while not violating a client’s privacy.

Providing transparency is a compelling marketing tool for a law firm. The names, photographs, and credentials of the key people in the company is a great way to engender trust and a lasting relationship. Embedding a short introductory video by a senior attorney or one explaining more complex procedures is another method of doing this. Provide committed continuity and enhance the customers’ user experience through positive touchpoints; in this case, the law firms online presence.

Future-proofing a law firm would fundamentally include developing a solid marketing-oriented focus. Using the tips presented here can help to distinguish your law firm from the competition.

Hard numerical targets can be utilized to measure the success of marketing practices. These tips can help with total marketing spend, lead generation, conversion rate, average client cost, and marketing return on investment.

Understanding how to Invest the right amount into the marketing budget is critical. Allocate too little money into the total marketing budget could equate to your law firm throwing money out the window. Over budgeting can have a negative impact; the perception of pushing your legal services too much in the pool of potential clients could have adverse effects on your law firms credibility online. The fastest way to ensure that you neither over or underspend is to discuss your needs and budget with a marketing professional, maximizing outcomes and converting every click into a marketing return on investment.

So to summarize; the journey of a potential client begins at the first touchpoint, so your online presence is crucial in your overall law firm’s marketing success!

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