How to Optimize Your Google My Business Page

Expert Tips To Optimize Your Google My Business Page


Local SEO is important. More and more people are performing Google searches with the keywords “near me” in their search query to find the type of business they need that is close to them. Whether you’re a bank, restaurant, hotel, or gas station, people are going to Google to look for you. Therefore, making sure you optimize your Google My Business (GMB) page is a great way to rank locally on Google.

Did you catch that word? It was “optimized.” You see, simply claiming your Google My Business page isn’t enough. You need to optimize GMB with local SEO search terms to ensure that you’ll rank locally on Google when your customers are looking for your type of business near them. Continue reading to learn our inside tips and tricks to help you optimize Google My Business.

Make Sure Your Google My Business Page Has Relevant, Accurate Information

The first step to optimize Google My Business is to make sure your page is verified and has all the correct, relevant information. After all, there’s nothing worse than seeing on your search engine results that the grocery store you want to go to opens up at 8:00 am, only to go there at that time and find out they’ve changed their opening time to 8:30 am.

The most important information you need on your Google My Business page to optimize GMB is referred to as NAPW. This acronym stands for your name, address, phone, and website. But when it comes to adding your name, don’t forget the importance of local optimization. Enter your business name, plus one or two high-frequency keywords related to what you do. For example, if your business is a grocery store called Indy’s, don’t just list your name as “Indy’s” but instead use “Indy’s Grocery Store” to capture the traffic of people searching for “grocery store near me.”

Fill Out All Relevant Categories

Google only knows the details of your business that you tell them. That’s why it’s so important that you fill out all the categories related to your business, as well as your service areas (this is especially important if you’re an eCommerce business). The more targeted your content is on GMB, the more local optimization your page will have. Following the example of Indy’s Grocery Store, you can select various categories to tell Google what type of grocery store you are. For example, are you a gourmet grocery store or Asian grocery store, or do you also offer grocery delivery service? Use all available categories to specify your business as much as possible. This is a great way to optimize Google My Business

Interact With Customers Who Review You – And Encourage Your Happy Customers to Leave Reviews, Too

It goes without saying that unhappy customers seem to have no problem leaving you a negative, 1-star review. You should respond to them to apologize for any shortcomings and encourage them to reach out to you to resolve their issue. This lets other people see that you have a problem-solving mentality. But you should also respond to positive reviews, even if it’s just a simple, “Thanks!”

Also, to counteract the negative reviews all businesses should expect to receive at least a few of, you should incentive your happy customers to leave you positive reviews. Include a link to review your business in your customers’ e-receipts, your email newsletter, and offer them a discount or a free item if they leave you an honest review.

Encourage Your Customers To Post Images

A great local SEO tip and way to optimize Google My Business is to have customers post images of your products on your GMB page. This can be easy if you’re a restaurant. After all, people love taking pictures of their food. But how would your local pet store encourage its customers to post images of the speciality pet food that only you carry?

The key here again is to ask – and reward. Put out requests for images on your GMB page on your social media accounts, your email newsletters, and on point of sale signage at your store. And reward customers who share images of your products and your store’s interior with a discount to use the next time they come and visit you.

Contact Us if You Need Help with Local Optimization

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